January 29

  • Aja Kong, KAORU, Megumi Kudo and Combat Toyoda were all present at Korakuen Hall on January 10 for Cooga's retirement ceremony. Kong, KAORU, Kudo, Toyoda and Cooga were all member's of the All Japan Women's 1986 debuting class along with Bison Kimura, Reuben Amada and other's who didn't make it in wrestling.

  • CMLL Women's champion Chikako Shiratori will be working the February CMLL tour, mostly against Mexican wrestler La Diabolica. Diabolica gets a shot at the CMLL Women's title on February 13 at KBS Hall, Kyoko.

  • The February schedule for Jd' is: February 11, Jd' Dojo, Kanagawa; February 13, Jd' Dojo, Kanagawa; February 14, Ota Plaza, Tokyo; February 20, Marronnier Hall, Odawara City, Kanagawa; February 21, Ota Plaza, Tokyo; February 22, Kitasawa Town Hall, Tokyo; and February 27 at NGK Studio in Osaka.

  • AWF Champion The Bloody is likely to be the next contender to the TWF World singles title held by Lioness Asuka.

  • For some reason, Rie Tamada and Mikiko Futagami wrestled in their street clothes at the January 15 ARSION show at the Municipal Gymnasium in Tokushima.

  • ARSION on February 5 at TwinMesse Shizuoka will have Ayako Hamada & AKINO vs. Aja Kong & Fabi Apache; Michiko Ohmukai vs. Etsuko Mita; Yumi Fukawa vs. Mima Shimoda; Candy Okutsu & Ai Fujita vs. Mikiko Futagami & Rie Tamada; and Mariko Yoshida vs. Linda Starr.

  • The February 7 ARSION show at the Kuki City Gym, Saitama has Aja Kong & AKINO vs. Mikiko Futagami & Rie Tamada; Michiko Ohmukai vs. Yumi Fukawa; Ayako Hamada & Fabi Apache vs. Candy Okutsu & Linda Starr; Mariko Yoshida vs. Ai Fujita; and in an exhibition match Mikiko Futagami battles newcomer Rena Takase.

  • ARSION on February 9 in Osaka will have Mikiko Futagami & Rie Tamada vs. Aja Kong & Mariko Yoshida in Futagami's 10th anniversary match; Michiko Ohmukai vs. Mima Shimoda; Yumi Fukawa vs. Etsuko Mita; and Ayako Hamada vs. Ai Fujita.

    January 22

    Mima Shimoda
  • Lineups have finally been announced for the JWP and AJW combined shows:

    February 2 at JWP Hall, Tokyo, which is listed as just a JWP show will have:

    • Azumi Hyuga, Kana Misaki & Devil Masami vs. Commando Bolshoi, Carlos Amano & Acute Sae
    • Ran YuYu vs. Manami Toyota in an exhibition match. Even though this is just a five minute exhibition, I'm really surprised that they are putting these two in the ring together so soon given that they are the champions of their leagues and in theory the top stars.
    • Dynamite Kansai vs. Miho Wakizawa in a five minute exhibition.
    • Kayoko Haruyama vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki.

    The combined show on February 10 at Korakuen Hall will have:

    • Commando Bolshoi and Carlos Amano vs. ZAP I and ZAP T for the JWP Tag Team titles. I had hoped we'd seen the last of this ZAP rubbish, but apparently not. Result could go either way.
    • Nanae Takahashi vs. Nanae Takahashi. Ran is the JWP Open Weight champion, and theoretically their top star, so why is she fighting a nobody like Takahashi? If Takahashi wins this, JWP might as well throw their title into the river.
    • Dynamite Kansai, Yumiko Hotta and Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Manami Toyota, Azumi Hyuga and Miho Wakizawa. This will be a good match. Toyota teaming with Azumi is definately a good idea, although she might gain more by working on a team against her.
    • Devil Masami and Acute Sae vs. Kayo Noumi and Miyuki Fuji. This sounds like a disaster. As is normally the case against the younger women, Devil will sell nothing, and it's not like the other women are so talented that they can have a good match in spite of Devil.
    • Kayoko Haruyama vs. Kumiko Maekawa. As Maekawa is the All Pacific champion and Haruyama is only the JWP Junior title holder, Maekawa will win this.

    The event at Korakuen on February 11 entitled "TRANSFUSE "J" BLOOD" will have:

    • Manami Toyota, Dynamite Kansai and Kaoru Ito vs. Ran YuYu, Carlos Amano and Miho Wakizawa. This should be at least very good. I think it would have been slightly better had Azumi been in this match rather than Wakizawa, that way she would get to work against Toyota. Ito vs. Amano should be good.
    • Kumiko Maekawa vs. Azumi Hyuga for the All Pacific title. I see no logic in this match. Azumi held the JWP Open Weight title for nearly a year, only losing it recently. The JWP Open Weight title is their top belt, which should mean that Azumi is above the level of Maekawa and the All Pacific title.
    • Tomoko Watanabe and Nanae Takahashi vs. Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita. Usual AJW main event with Takahashi doing the job.
    • Yumiko Hotta and Devil Masami vs. Takako Inoue and Miyuki Fuji. Same as the previous match, but replace Takahashi with Fuji.
    • Kayo Noumi and Acute Sae vs. Commando Bolshoi and Kayoko Haruyama. *Can't wait* for this one.

  • ARSION have booked the Yokohama City Gym for a major show on April 7. I'm guessing there will be a Queen of ARSION defence as the main event.

  • ARSION on January 23 at Niigata Phase has Mariko Yoshida vs. Yumi Fukawa; Aja Kong vs. Rie Tamada; Michiko Ohmukai vs. AKINO; Ayako Hamada vs. Mikiko Futagami; and Candy Okutsu vs. Ai Fujita.

  • Card for the January 31 ARSION event at ZEPP Tokyo will be Aja Kong vs. Candy Okutsu for the Queen of ARSION; Michiko Ohmukai & Etsuko Mita vs. Yumi Fukawa & Mima Shimoda in a dream partners match; Ayako Hamada & AKINO vs. Rie Tamada & Mikiko Futagami; Mariko Yoshida vs. Linda Starr and Fabi Apache vs. Ai Fujita.

  • ZIPANG on January 23 has Yoshiko Tamura vs. Yuka Nakamura.

  • Various women's matches are happening on upcoming Atsushi Ohnita shows. January 28 at ZEPP Sapporo has Miho Watabe vs. Aya Koyama; same match happens on January 29 and 30.

  • Ayako Hamada is being billed as the "Super Millenium Heroin"

    January 19

    Meiko Satomura
  • During her Premium League match with Chikayo Nagashima on January 16, Meiko Satomura injured her left arm. Satomura suffered damage to her inside ligament, a laceration as well as damage to the muscle. She is unlikely to return until after the Premium League tournament has finished, possibly early in March. There is a chance that someone else will get Satomura's place in the tournament.

  • These days it's rare that All Japan Women's draw's any kind of a sellout. Today though, they apparently drew one of 2600 at the Funabashi City Sports Park Gym, Chiba for a show in conjunction with SPWF, a promotion run by 80's All Japan wrestler Yoshiaki Yatsu. The women worked three of the matches, with Kumiko Maekawa squashing Miyuki Fuji; ZAP T going over Kayo Noumi and Manami Toyota & Kaoru Ito defeating Miho Wakizawa & Yumiko Hotta. The main event was a men's match where Nobutaku Araya, Arashi & Osamu Tachikari beat Shinigami, Ichiro Yaguchi & Mongol Man. Click here for full results and match times.

  • LLPW on January 22 at the Shimotsuma City Gym in Ibaraki has Keiko Aono vs. Miho Watabe; Noriyo Tateno vs. Sayuri Okino; Keiko Aono & Aya Koyama vs. Rumi Kazama & Shark Tsuchiya; Shinobu Kandori vs. Crusher Maedomari and in the main event Harley Saito teams with Mizuki Endo to take on G-Max members Eagle Sawai and Carol Midori.

    January 16

    Aja Kong
  • GAEA at Korakuen Hall today was headlined by Aja Kong and Lioness Asuka defeating Mayumi Ozaki and Akira Hokuto. As feared, they weren't given enough time for the match to live up to it's huge potential as Kong scored the pinfall over Ozaki in just 10:12.

  • The Bloody defeated KAZUKI with the Bloody Mary after 12:38 in the main event of today's show at the Jd' Dojo in Kanagawa.

  • The first combined show between All Japan Women's and JWP will be happening on February 10 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. Tickets for the show, which is entitled "Live And Let Die" go on sale January 17. The only other date announced for the two promotions is on March at at JWP Hall in Ueno, Tokyo.

  • GAEA also began their Premium League Tournament today. League matches saw Sugar Sato defeat Sonoko Kato, and Meiko Satomura fall to Chikayo Nagashima. Sato, Nagashima and Satomura are all listed as having one point, even though Satomura hasn't won a match yet.

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