February 28

    Mima Shimoda
  • The March Michinoku Pro tour will have women's matches on several of the shows as Chaparrita ASARI, Hiromi Yagi, MIMA (Mima Shimoda), LIMA (probably Saya Endo) and Chihiro Nakano are being brought in. March 1 at the Nakamura Sports Center, Nagoya has Yagi & ASARI vs. MIMA & LIMA. March 3 has the same match. March 4 at the Tokushima City Gym has Yagi & ASARI vs. Nakano & Endo; March 11 at the Yahaba Town Gym, Iwate has Yagi & ASARI vs. LIMA & MIMA; March 12 has the same match.

  • Jd' are back at the Jd' Dojo in Kanagawa on March 5. No matches have been announced, but Sumie Sakai will be involved in some sort of talk show.

  • Full lineup for Jd' at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on March 7 will be:
    • Lioness Asuka vs. Sumie Sakai for the TWF title. Lioness will definately keep the title. Should be a very good match.
    • Ran Maru and Princess Maru vs. Crusher Maedomari and Morimatsu. Obviously this will suck.
    • In a Vale Tudo rules match with three rounds, each lasting three minutes, Megumi Yabushita takes on Jd' referee Yoko Takahashi. I'm pretty sure this will be worked.
    • Yuko Kosugi vs. The Bloody will almost certainly be the best match on the show. These two women have worked together a lot and have been consistently having very good matches against each other.
    • Sachie Abe and Hiroyo Muto vs. Saya Endo and Fang Suzuki
    • Opener is Obacchi Iizuka taking on a new wrestler making her debut.

    February 25

    Kumiko Maekawa
  • AJW's "Treasure Ship 00" takes place at Hakata Star Lanes, Fukuoka on March 1. Lineup will be Maami Toyota and a partner TBA vs. ZAP I & ZAP T; Yumiko Hotta vs. Kumiko Maekawa in a shoot rules match; and a tournament with first round matches being Miho Wakizawa vs. Nanae Takahashi and Miyuki Fuji vs. Kayo Noumi.

  • On March 24 in Yamaguchi, Chikako Shiratori defends the CMLL Japan Women's title against Yuki Miyazaki.

  • All Japan Women's held wrestler try-outs recently, five wrestlers passed the test and will debut with the promotion shortly.

  • Saw a couple of pictures from the recent Masao Orihara & Takeshi Ono vs. Ryuji Hijikata & Shinobu Kandori mixed tag team match. This looked to be a pretty bad match with Kandori selling a low-blow, and Orihara grabbing Mr. Joshi Puroresu's breasts.

  • Chaparrita ASARI will continue to work IWA shows in Puerto Rico for Victor Quinnones in the near future. ASARI has worked several shows in the territory recently, usually against either Aki Kanbayashi [Miss Mongol] or Saya Endo.

  • Big Japan are going to be using some JWP wrestlers for shows towards the end of this month. February 26 will have Kyoko Ichiki, Yuka Nakamura & Cassandra vs. Chihiro Nakano, Misae Genki & Malsera. February 27 has Cassandra & Ichiki vs. Nakano & Malsera; February 29 has Ichiki, Genki & Nakamura vs. Nakano, Malsera & Cassandra. March 2 in Kawasaki will have Ichiki vs. Devil Masami and Nakano vs. Malsera.

  • At Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today, Kyoko Inoue became the first woman to win a male-only title when she teamed with Kodo Fuyuki to defeat H and Mr. Gannosuke for the WEW Tag Team titles. Fuyuki used a Samson Crush to get the pin over Gannosuke in 14:30.

    February 22

    Ran YuYu
  • In yet another meaningless JWP match, Ran YuYu defends the JWP Open Weight title against Misae Genki on March 20 at Korakuen Hall. There is no reason for Genki getting a title match. The last time she worked for JWP was on January 9 when she pinned the legendary Tsubasa Kuragaki in an opening tag match. Prior to that her last JWP appearance was a loss against Yoshiko Tamura on December 8. If Genki had been winning matches against top stars elsewhere this might seem more worthwhile, but she has barely wrestled since Neo Ladies closed down last month.

  • JWP have another uninspiring TV taping at Korakuen Hall on February 27. As is always the case now with JWP shows, this won't come anywhere close to selling out. Line-up is:
    • Acute Sae vs. Tsubasa Kuragaki. Waste of time.
    • Devil Masami and Commando Bolshoi vs. Kana Misaki and Yoshiko Tamura. This might be good, but with Devil in there nothing's certain. Bolshoi will probably do the job here.
    • A match entitled Wrestle Dream Factory Special Present is Masked Angel Rosetta (Hiromi Yagi) vs. Masked Angel Fleia (Carlos Amano). As long as the gimmicks don't spoil the match, this should be very good.
    • Ran YuYu and Misae Genki vs. Azumi Hyuga and Kayoko Haruyama. The obvious story here would be that Genki and Ran don't get along. This would help build anticipation for their title match next month. Good to see the improving Haruyama in an upper card match, but she's clearly there to get pinned.
    • The main event is a JWP Original Minutes By Minutes Rule eight woman tag match with Ran YuYu, Carlos Amano, Tsubasa Kuragaki and Acute Sae vs. Dynamite Kansai, Azumi Hyuga, Commando Bolshoi and Kayoko Haruyama. JWP love doing matches with weird rules that years ago didn't kill the match quality, but today almost certainly will.

  • On March 16 at Club Citta in Kawasaki TWF Tag Team champions Megumi Yabushita and Sumie Sakai defend the belts against Morimatsu and Crusher Maedomari. Sakai and Yabushita will retain the titles, but Crusher will sell nothing and the match will be awful.

  • Jd' drew 220 people to the Kitasawa Town Hall today for the finals of the Jaguar Cup. This was a triangle match between Yuko Kosugi, Sumie Sakai and The Bloody. To win, you had to pin both the other wrestlers consecutively. The match went more than forty minutes, and had seven pinfalls before Sakai finally beat Kosugi with a sleeper, then pinned Bloody to win the match and tournament. This win gets Sakai a shot at Lioness Asuka's TWF Title on March 6 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.

    February 21

    Yumiko Hotta
  • The Rikidozan Memorial Interpromotional show is taking place on March 11 at the Yokohama Arena. Women's matches are Yumiko Hotta vs. Ran YuYu and Dynamite Kansai, Azumi Hyuga & Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Kyoko Inoue, Yoshiko Tamura & Yuka Nakamura.

  • AJW have an intepromotional showon March 4 at the Yokohama Bunka Gym. Matches will be:
    1. Tomoko Watanabe and Kumiko Maekawa vs. Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita in a non title cage death match. This should be great as long as everyone choses to work. Since this is non title, Shimoda and Mita will win.
    2. Manami Toyota, Dynamite Kansai and Kaoru Ito vs. Yumiko Hotta, Commando Bolshoi and Takako Inoue. This is a grudge match as Hotta, Bolshoi and Takako are the three women that didn't want to do interpromotional matches. They will probably go over.
    3. Nanae Takahashi and Kana Misaki vs. Morimatsu and Lioness Asuka is a waste of talent. If it was allowed to be competitive, Kana vs. Lioness would be a very good match, but with Morimatsu and Takahashi in there expectations have to be much lower.
    4. Azumi Hyuga, Miho Wakizawa and Kayo Noumi vs. Ran YuYu, Carlos Amano and Acute Sae. Matches like this are the reason JWP can't draw anymore. Hyuga, YuYu and Amano have been used as top stars for the last year, and now they are being booked in junior level matches at interpromotional shows. This is not the way to book your world champion or top contenders.
    5. Miyuki Fuji vs. Kayoko Haruyama. This will obviously suck due to Fuji.

    February 20

  • Aja Kong and Mariko Yoshida defend the Twin Star of ARSION against Hiromi Yagi and Rie Tamada on March 15 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. ARSION have already broken up Tamada and Mikiko Futagami's "Female Dogs" team which doesn't make much sense because they were getting a push, whereas Tamada and Yagi haven't teamed in months and are suddenly top contenders for the tag team titles. Today's show in Saitama saw Yagi team with Futagami (Who is now known as GAMI), these two should be pushed as title contenders because both are great workers, and therefore GAMI/Yagi will be a much better team than Yagi/Tamada.

  • ARSION and Battlarts are running a mixed trio's tag team tournament on March 12 at IMP Hall, Osaka. Teams are Yuki Ishikawa, Candy Okutsu and Ai Fujita; Alexander Ohtsuka, Mariko Yoshida and Yumi Fukawa; Mari Apache, Fabi Apache and Mohamed Yone; and Takeshi Ohno, KAWKAW and Etsuko Mita. Last year a similar tournament was held using wrestlers from JWP.

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