December 27

    Kyoko vs. Fuyuki
  • On December 25 at Korakuen Hall, the first ever man vs. woman cage death match took place as former FMW wrestler Kodo Fuyuki took on Neo Ladies' president, Kyoko Inoue. Fuyuki won the match by knock-out after 13:10. Fuyuki, who was forced to leave FMW back in November after losing a retirement match, worked with encounter wearing an ECW T-shirt as he is going to launch a promotion called "ECW Japan" in the near future. Even with the "attraction" of this match, they show drew only 1600 people.

    The only other result I have from the show is that Yoshiko Tamura retained the AWF Championship pinning Saya Endo with a Double Wrist Armsault in 12:05.

  • ARSION announced their end of year awards at Korakuen Hall on December 27. MVP went to Michiko Ohmukai, which isn't much of a surprise as she won both singles tournaments this year. Winning Shot(?) was Aja Kong. Mariko Yoshida won the Special Prize. Mari Apache was Bravest Fighter, which makes sense because she has improved a lot this year. Best Match went to Mima Shimoda & Etsuko Mita vs. AKINO & Ayako Hamada on December 11 at the Yokohama Bunka Gym. I haven't seen this yet, but it was said to have been very good.

  • Manami Toyota and Kayo Noumi won this years Tag League The Best at Korakuen Hall on December 26. To win the tournament they first beat Momoe Nakanishi & Nanae Takahashi in 4:47 when Toyota pinned Nanae, and then in the final beat Kumiko Maekawa & Tomoko Watanabe after a gruelling 1:41 when Wakizawa pinned Maekawa.

  • GAEA ran a pretty big show at Korakuen today, drawing a sellout of 2200. Results saw Toshie Uematsu & Sakura Hirota beat Chikayo Nagashima & Kaori Nakayama in 14:28. Toshie Uematsu & Sakura Hirota went to a double countout with Akira Hokuto & Mayumi Ozaki, in case you haven't seen a Hirota "match", she always tries to keep Ozaki out of the ring for a lame double count out. KAORU, Toshiyo Yamada & Ayaka Takenouchi beat Aja Kong, Sugar Sato & RIE. In the main event, Chigusa Nagayo & Meiko Satomura went to a no-contest with Lioness Asuka & Sonoko Kato in 7:20 when Team Nostradamus did a run-in.

    Kana Misaki

  • Male wrestler Tarzan Gotoh turned up at the JWP Korakuen Hall event on December 23 where it was announced that he would team with Kana Misaki and IWA valet MAYA (Suppoedly trained to be a wrestler in America -- I doubt she's any good) to take on Shark Tsuchiya, Crusher Maedomari and Yoshiya Yamashita. Given that Misaki is better than everyone else in this match combined, it's a sure thing it will be crap, and to make matters far worse Kana will probably get her face sliced up by Shark.


    December 23

  • Kyoko Inoue's Neo Japan Ladies promotion is set to close down in January. Neo did poor business pretty much from the start, so this news isn't really much of a surprise. The top star of the company Kyoko Inoue will easily be able to get work, and is expected to wrestle for FMW as well as AJW and others in the year 2000.

    Yoshiko Tamura, who holds the Jd' AWF title likewise should be able to get work with companies such as JWP, Jd' and others. The same for Misae Genki. Although I see no reason why anyone would want to employ her, Tanny Mouse will no doubt turn up in someone else's rings.

  • Biggest news from the December 23 JWP Korakuen Hall show is that Ran YuYu (Tomoko Miyaguchi) captured the JWP Open Weight championship from Azumi Hyuga, scoring the winning pinfall after 24:22 with a Huracanrana.

    December 19

    Lioness Asuka
  • Lioness Asuka was voted woman wrestler of the year in the 1999 Puroresu Awards. Second place was Shinobu Kandori, Chigusa Nagayo in third and for some insane reason Ayako Hamada finished fourth. I have to wonder who the hell voted for Hamada? She hasn't improved much this year, and if anything her push has decreased somewhat up until very recently.

    Kyoko Hamaguchi, the daughter of 70s wrestler Animal Hamaguchi was listed in the amateur wrestler section of the awards.

  • Chikako Shiratori is working the first CMLL Japan tour of the new year. She will meet Dynamite Kansai at one show, as Shiratori's CMLL title isn't on the line here, expect Kansai to pick up the win.

  • At KBS Hall, Kyoto today Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita won the Twin Star of ARSION tournament. The semi finals saw Michiko Ohmukai & Yumi Fukawa beat AKINO & Ayako Hamada, then Mita and Shimoda beat Aja Kong & Rie Tamada. In the final, Shimoda and Mita beat Fukawa and Ohmukai after a "gruelling" 6:40 when Shimoda used an Axe-Kick to pin Ohmukai.

  • LLPW have announced their year end awards. They named Harley Saito as MVP, and Saito vs. Shinobu Kandori as singles match of the year. The Six Woman tag titles match from November 14 where Saito, Noriyo Tateno and Keiko Aono beat Shark Tsuchiya, Carol Midori and Sayuri Okino as the best tag match. An award for technical skill went to Rumi Kazama, and Keiko Aono won the award for Bravest Fighter.

  • JWP on December 23 sounds like it will be another below average show, as has been the case with many JWP TV tapings this year:
    1. Acute Sae vs. Chihiro Nakano might be watchable. Sae isn't very good, and will drag the match down. Nakano is pretty good, which is very surprising considering she works for Big Japan full time. Hopefully she might move to JWP full time in the near future.
    2. Tsubasa Kuragaki vs. Yuki Miyazaki will probably be slightly better than the opener. Miyazaki has been working in Mexico for months against women who make Kuragaki look like a goddess of wrestling in comparison. I'm unsure if this match marks Miyazaki's full time return to Japan, if it does, hopefully she'll work with JWP and get pushed rather than going back to Jd' where she was barely pushed at all.
    3. Devil Masami vs. Kiyoko Ichiki will be good if Devil feels like working, but I'm not expecting that to happen.
    4. Carlos Amano and Commando Bolshoi vs. Dynamite Kansai and Kayoko Haruyama will be the usual JWP TV tag team match, good action but no build and bad selling.
    5. In the main event, Azumi Hyuga defends the JWP Open Weight title against Ran YuYu. I'd like to say this this will be a very good match, unfortunately Azumi has been very dissapointing as champion all year, and Miyaguchi hasn't been as good as in the past. Azumi should retain the title here.

  • GAEA at Korakuen Hall on December 27 has:
    1. Chigusa Nagayo and Meiko Satomura vs. Lioness Asuka and Sonoko Kato. The result of this match could really go either way. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Crush Gals reunite here as GAEA have been hinting that Chigusa and Lioness would reconcille ever since Nagayo won back the company in September.
    2. KAORU, Toshiyo Yamada and Ayaka Takenouchi vs. Aja Kong, Sugar Sato and RIE will be the usual spot-orientated GAEA tag team match. Much like the aforementioned JWP Tag Team matches, the action here will be good, but it won't build well at all.
    3. Toshie Uematsu and Sakura Hirota vs. Kaori Nakayama and Chikayo Nagashima might be decent. Hopefully Hirota spends 90% of the match on the apron.

    December 11

    Yumi Fukawa
  • ARSION ran their major year end show "Carnival ARSION" today at the Yokohama Bunka Gym allegedly in front of 3600. Results from the show saw:
  • Yumi Fukawa beat Candy Okutsu with a hiza-gatame in 11:04. I'm glad that Fukawa was given the victory here because Candy has been really bad this year and in her matches that have made it to commercial tape she has rarely seemed interested in trying to work. Fukawa has been one of ARSION's better workers in 1999, and hopefully her push will increase next year.
  • In a Lucha Libre rules match, Ai Fujita & Mari Apache beat Rie Tamada & Linda Starr by two falls to one. Fujita used the 450 degree firebird splash for the winning pin on Linda in 12:00.
  • Chaparrita ASARI beat Hiromi Yagi with a Michinoku Driver II in 15:07 to retain the Sky High of ARSION title. This was probably a good match, but it'll be interesting to see which direction ARSION takes with Yagi next year. She has spent most of 1999 in a strong position, even challenging for the Queen of ARSION at the anniversary show in February. The Sky High belt however is very much a mid-card title, and is therefore surely a step down.
  • Magnum Tokyo & Michiko Ohmukai beat SD Fuji & Mikiko "Beauty" Futagami in a mixed tag match. I doubt this was any good. Futagami being labelled as "Beauty" means that it was no doubt the usual crap mixed match with the men trying to wrestle against the women.
  • Aja Kong beat Mariko Yoshida with a Uraken in 12:16 to retain the Queen of ARSION. This was probably the best match of the night given who was involved. Having Aja retain the title is a good decision from a business standpoint because Yoshida for years was a mid-carder in AJW with no drawing power, and that didn't change when ARSION gave her the belt.
  • The September 12 Jd' show will be aired on GAORA on December 15. GAEA G-Panic next airs on December 26 with matches taped on November 27 at Korakuen Hall, Decenber 5 at Niigata Phase and December 12 at IMP Hall, Osaka.

  • Yuko Kosugi has supposedly been constantly sending faxes to Jd' requesting another match with Shark Tsuchiya. Quite why Kosugi wants another match with the "female" Mr Pogo is anyone's guess. Kosugi has had one win over Shark, getting a flash pin with a rollup at the Jd' anniversary show in April. Since then they've had a couple of matches where Shark cut up Kosugi and no-sold everything before squashing her.

  • Toshiyo Yamada has dyed her hair blond and begun wearing war paint and a new outfit a little like those worn by Akira Hokuto.

  • At the November 27 GAEA event RIE of Team Nostradamus destroyed rookie Ayaka Takenouchi at some point in the show, putting barbed wire around her and attacking her with a barbed wire rod. As a result of this, Takenouchi will team with Toshiyo Yamada on December 27 at Korakuen Hall against RIE and another member of T-NDS, probably Akira Hokuto.

  • In the unlikely event anyone is interested, Shinobu Kandori's nude photo book "PHYSIQUE" is now available for 3400 Yen.

    December 9

    Shinobu Kandori
  • The LLPW event at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo today saw the first ever mixed match in Japan with Shinobu Kandori defeating Battlarts wrestler Mach Junji. Junji is listed as weighing only 187lbs, which is barely any heavier than Kandori.

  • LLPW have a new girl called Noguchi, aged 15, who will be debuting soon.

  • JWP are holding the "Pure Heart Special Party" on December 23 where they will announce their companies year end awards. Awards include MVP, Best Match (Usually one that was never shown on TV), and others. I believe tickets for this show will be made available to the public.

  • The popularity poll from the December edition of Lady's Gong was:
    1. Miho Wakizawa
    2. Momoe Nakanishi
    3. Sonoko Kato
    4. Kayo Noumi
    5. Takako Inoue
    6. Chigusa Nagayo
    7. Yuko Kosugi
    8. Manami Toyota
    9. Michiko Ohmukai
    10. Chaparrita ASARI
    11. Yumi Fukawa
    12. Ai Fujita
    13. Lioness Asuka
    14. Nanae Takahashi
    15. Kana Misaki
    16. Mima Shimoda
    17. Sakura Hirota
    18. Candy Okutsu
    19. Kaoru Ito
    20. Meiko Satomura

  • On November 13, Megumi Yabushita and Sumie Sakai retained the TWF Tag Team titles against Sachie Abe and Yuko Kosugi. Yabushita scored the winning fall on Abe after 14:12.

    December 8

    Yumiko Hotta
  • AJW held their major show at the National Yoyogi Gym in Tokyo today, drawing 3880, which is about 600 less than they got in the last time they used the venue back in March. AJW did a little better for themselves at this show that they have done at other interpromotional shows lately, as Manami Toyota pinned Kyoko Inoue of Neo Ladies in the main event (Presumably Kyoko holding the WWWA belt earlier in the year was the trade for this), Kumiko Maekawa & Tomoko Watanabe beat Etsuko Mita & Mima Shimoda to win the WWWA Tag Titles, and Momoe Nakanishi & Kaoru Ito beat Sumie Sakai & Megumi Yabushita of Jd'. The only losses AJW took were Nanae Takahashi predictably losing to Lioness Asuka, and Chaparrita ASARI & Hiromi Yagi defeating Miho Wakizawa & Kayo Noumi.

    In the WWWA Singles title match, Yumiko Hotta retained the title pinning Takako Inoue.

  • At the Jd' event on December 7 at the Kitasawa Town Hall, Yoshiko Tamura of Neo Ladies won the AWF Women's title from The Bloody. Tamura has been doing well for herself recently as today she won the JWP Thank You Osaka tournament, defeating Misae Genki in the semi and Carlos Amano in the final.

    December 6

    Chaparrita ASARI
  • Chaparrita ASARI, Chikako Shiratori, Candy Okutsu and Michiko Ohmukai will all be working the WNWA Pay Per View event in Las Vegas next February, as of yet there is no word on what the card will be.

  • All Japan Women's on December 19 at the AJW Garage will have Manami Toyota & Miho Wakizawa vs. Kaoru Ito & Kayo Noumi in a Tag League The Best match. In addition there will be a six woman battle royal with Yumiko Hotta, Tomoko Watanabe, Kumiko Maekawa, Momoe Nakanishi, Nanae Takahashi and Miyuki Fuji involved. Expect Ayako Saeki to be added to this card. Also on the 19th, the "MihoKayo Christmas Party" will be happening at the Garage.

  • In Nagoya on Christmas day, Momoe Nakanishi and Nanae Takahashi meet Noumi and Ito in another Tag League The Best match.

  • JWP have a tag tournament at the Kitasawa Town Hall, Tokyo on December 10 with Dynamite Kansai and Kyoko Ichiki vs. Azumi Hyuga and Ran YuYu, and Commando Bolshoi and Carlos Amano vs. Kayoko Haruyama and Acute Sae as first round matches. The final happens the same night. Battlarts will be making an appearance at this show as Alexander Otsuka takes on Mach Junji.

  • ARSION in Aomori today had Aja Kong & Michiko Ohmukai over Mariko Yoshida & Yumi Fukawa in the main event when Ohmukai pinned Fukawa with a B Series Bomb in 16:43.

    December 4

  • "Retired" FMW wrestler Kodo Fuyuki came to the December 1 Neo Ladies Korakuen Hall show and challenged Kyoko Inoue to a cage death match at the December 25 Neo "Super Wrestler Respect Night" at Korakuen Hall. Mixed singles matches are sadly looking to become more common in Japan as Shinobu Kandori is set to take on a male wrestler on December 9.

  • Neo Ladies have "Neo New Year Dash 2000" at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo on January 6.

  • Chaparrita ASARI has left Neo Ladies officially. ASARI is expected to continue working for Neo, as well as ARSION and possibly All Japan Women's amongst others.

    Sonoko Kato

  • GAEA on December 12 at IMP Hall, Osaka will have Lioness Asuka and Sonoko Kato vs. Aja Kong and Chikayo Nagashima; Toshiyo Yamada vs. RIE; Chigusa Nagayo and KAORU vs. Akira Hokuto and Mayumi Ozaki; Sakura Hirota vs. Toshie Uematsu; and Meiko Satomura and Ayaka Takenouchi vs. Chikayo Nagashima and Sugar Sato. The first GAEA show on the new year will be at Korakuen on January 16.

  • At the press conference for the December 8 AJW Yoyogi Gym show, newcomer Ayako Saeki tore a telephone directory in half. Saeki is 5' 7" tall and weighs in at 231 lbs. Also at the press conference, Takako Inoue got into a pull-apart brawl with Yumiko Hotta, who she challenges for the WWWA title at that show.

  • In a Twin Star of ARSION match today, Ayako Hamada & AKINO beat Michiko Ohmukai & Yumi Fukawa in 18:12 when AKINO pinned Fukawa. These teams will meet again in the tournament final.

  • GAEA President Chigusa Nagayo was featured in the December 1999 "Cats and People" magazine.

  • Former Jd' wrestler Yuki Lee (Yukiko Kimura) has officially retired. After leaving Jd' about a year ago, Lee spent a few weeks with JWP before largely leaving the scene, and only working occasional undercard women's matches on men's shows. A retirement ceremony of sorts for her will occur at the Kitasawa Town Hall on December 7.

  • Complete Jd' lineup for December 7 is Bloody vs. Yoshiko Tamura for the AWF belt; Cooga, Yuko Kosugi & Sumie Sakai vs. Lioness Asuka, Morimatsu & KAZUKI; Megumi Yabushita vs. Maru; Hiroyo Muta vs. Fang Suzuki and Sachie Abe vs. Obacchi Iizuka.

  • ARSION on December 6 in Aomori has Aja Kong & Michiko Ohmukai vs. Mariko Yoshida & Yumi Fukawa; Ayako Hamada vs. Mari Apache; AKINO & Candy Okutsu vs. Gami Metal & Linda Starr; and Rie Tamada vs. Ai Fujita. December 8 in Akita has Aja & Mari vs. Yoshida & Ohmukai; Hamada vs. Tamada; Okutsu & Fujita vs. AKINO & Starr; and Futagami vs. Fukawa.

  • More wrestlers are expected to be inducted into the AJW Hall of Fame shortly, including 70s heel Yumi Ikeshita. Born on August 17 1958, Ikeshita held the WWWA tag team titles as a member of the "Black Pair" heel team with Mami Kumano and Shinobu Aso, and on her own held the All Pacific championship before her retirement in the early 80s.

    Ikeshita appeared to be a very good heel at the time feuding with Jackie Sato and Maki Ueda (The Beauty Pair), and drew real good heat regularly, most noteably when the Black Pair attacked Sato causing her to be counted out during a WWWA title match against Monster Ripper.

    The Hall of Fame inductions take place on December 8 at the Yoyogi Gym.

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