Queen of the Ring Title

The Bloody
Former Queen of the Ring
26/11/2000     The Bloody (1)               Tokyo
29/12/2000     Megumi Yabushita             Tokyo
               * Yabushita already holds the AWF 
                 title. The two belts are combined 
                 to form the Jd' Double Title.
                 Retained against:
                 Fang Suzuki, 06/01/01      Osaka
                 Morimatsu, 04/03/01        Tokyo
18/03/2001     Sumie Sakai                  Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Hiroyo Muto, 08/04/01          Tokyo
                   Sachie Abe, 15/04/01           Tokyo
29/04/2001     The Bloody [3]                     Tokyo
  • (1) - Defeats Megumi Yabushita in tournament final.

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