AWF Women's Title

Megumi Yabushita
??/??/????     Luna Vachon                        America?
13/08/1997     Emi Motokawa
                   Retained against:
                   Sumie Sakai, 13/03/1998
19/03/1999     Yuko Kosugi                        Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Sumie Sakai, 18/04/1999        Kyoto
                   The Bloody, 07/07/1999 (Draw)  Sapporo
22/08/1999     Megumi Yabushita                   Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Saya Endo, 24/09/99            Niigata City
06/10/1999     The Bloody                         Kawasaki
                   Retained against:
                   Yuko Kosugi, 01/11/99          Tokyo
07/12/1999     Yoshiko Tamura                     Kitasawa, Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Saya Endo, 25/12/99            Tokyo
10/01/2000     The Bloody [2]                     Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Yuko Kosugi, 03/05/00          Kitasawa, Tokyo
03/05/2000     Bloody gives up title
03/05/2000     Yuko Kosugi (1)                    Kitasawa, Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Sachie Abe, 09/07/00           Kawasaki
27/08/2000     Morimatsu (2)                      Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Fang Suzuki, 23/09/00          Kawasaki
28/11/2000     Megumi Yabushita                   Tokyo
               * Yabushita wins the Queen of the Ring
                 from The Bloody on December 29 and 
                 the two belts become the Jd' Double
                   Retained against:
                   Fang Suzuki, 06/01/01          Osaka
                   Morimatsu, 04/03/01            Tokyo
18/03/2001     Sumie Sakai                        Tokyo
                   Retained against:
                   Hiroyo Muto, 08/04/01          Tokyo
                   Sachie Abe, 15/04/01           Tokyo
29/04/2001     The Bloody [3]                     Tokyo
  • (1) - Kosugi won a five woman "LSD 2000" rules match booked by Jd' on-screen CEO Lioness Asuka. The rules were that each segment of the match was 1 vs. 1, with the winner staying on to wrestle the next participant with the cycle continuing indefinately (A wrestler getting pinned would not eliminate her from the match entirely). The first wrestler to score two pinfalls or submissions would be declared the winner and become the AWF champion. Kosugi last pinned Megumi Yabushita.
  • (2) - Title had been vacted when Kosugi retired during August. Morimatsu won the title in a four woman "LSD 2000" rules match.
  • [2] - Indicates multiple title reigns.

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