AJW Hall of Fame

These women were all inducted into the All Japan Women's Hall of Fame in a ceremony at the AJW thirtieth anniversary show on November 29, 1998 at the Yokohama Arena.

Sanako Inokari

Yukiko Tomoe
A former holder of the now defunct JWPA Japanese Heavyweight title and the JWPA NWA title in the 1960s. Also wrestled in the United States.

Chiyo Obata
One of the toughest wrestlers ever. The nearst modern day equivalent to Obata would be some like Shinobu Kandori or possibly Yumiko Hotta

Devil Masami
[Masami Yoshida]
A twenty year plus veteran, Devil is still an active wrestler for JWP, the promotion she has been with since leaving AJW in the 80's. Devil won the WWWA Singles title in December 1985. Has also been a WWWA Tag Team, All Pacific, JWP and AAAW champion.

Jaguar Yokota
[Toshimi Yokota]
Some people consider Jaguar, a former AJW Junior, Singles, NWA International tag team, WWWA Tag Team, WWWA Singles, UWA Singles and TWF Champion to be the greatest wrestler in history. Jaguar retired as WWWA Champion in 1985, and became the AJW trainer. Jaguar came out of retirement in 1994, and opened the Jd' promotion in 1995. She finally retired on December 26, 1998 losing to Devil Masami.

Yukari Ohmori
One of AJW's top stars in the mid-late 80's. Yukari won the WWWA title from Devil Masami on August 23, 1986 and finally lost it to Chigusa Nagayo on October 20, 1987. In addition, Yukari held the WWWA Tag Team titles with Jumbo Hori and Mimi Hagiwara. Now works from time to time as a commentator for AJW.

Aiko Kyo
The first Japanese lady to win the WWWA World singles title, holding it thrice between 1970 and 1972. Was also the inaugural WWWA Tag Team title holder, winning the titles with Jumbo Miyamoto in June 1971 Would hold the WWWA Tag Team titles with Miyamoto three times.

Chigusa Nagayo
Chigusa and Lioness Asuka formed the Crush Gals, the most popular tag team in womens wrestling history. When Chigusa retired in 1989, AJW experienced several extremely lean years. Had a famous feud with Dump Matsumoto. Chigusa held the WWWA Singles, WWWA Tag Team, AJW Junior, All Pacific, IWA and AAAW champion. Opened the sucessful GAEA promotion in 1995.

Miyoko Hoshino
[Accepted by her daughter, Kaori Nakayama on her behalf] Held the WWWA World Singles title from July 1972 until May 1973 when she lost it to Sandy Parker. Regained it on July 10, 1973 and finally lost it to Jumbo Miyamoto on September 11, 1973

Lioness Asuka
[Tomoko Kitamura]
The other Crush Gal. Lioness and Chigusa held the WWWA Tag Team titles three times, and Lioness was a two time WWWA singles champion. Lioness retired as champion on July 19, 1989. Returned to wrestling in 1994 and joined Jaguar Yokota's Jd' in 1995 where she is the top heel.

Mach Fumiake
[Fumiake Watanabe]
Held the WWWA title for two weeks in 1975, winning it from and subsequently losing it back to Jumbo Miyamoto. With Mariko Akagi, also held the WWWA Tag Team Titles twice.

Dump Matsumoto
[Kaoru Matsumoto]
The greatest heel in AJW history. Feuded with The Crush Gal's in the 1980's, which included two famous hair matches with Chigusa.

Mariko Akagi
A record twenty time holder of the WWWA Tag Team titles, with many different partners, between 1972 and 1975. Nine reigns came in tandem with Jumbo Miyamoto.

Bull Nakano
[Keiko Nakano]
Originally part of Dump's gang, Bull went on to have sucess on her own as WWWA champion from January 4, 1990 until November 26, 1992. Bull held the WWWA Tag Team titles in the 80's with Dump, Condor Saito and Grizzly Iwamoto. Retired in 1995.

Jumbo Miyamoto
Held the WWWA Tag Team titles ten times, and the world singles title on five occasions in the 1970's. The first 'monster heel'.

Akira Hokuto
[Hisako Sasaki]
One of the best all-round performers of all time. As a teenager, Akira broke her neck in a tag team match in 1987, but amazingly continued the match! Held the AJW Junior, WWWA Tag Team, All Pacific and CMLL titles. Voted the AJW MVP in 1993 and 1994. Retired in early 1998 when she became pregnant. Married to Kensuke Sasaki of New Japan.

Makie Ueda
Formed the Beauty Pair with Jackie Sato, one of the early 'idol' teams. The Beauty Pair held the tag team titles for three months in 1976. Makie also won the WWWA title from Jumbo Miyamoto in 1976, losing it five months later to Mariko Akagi. Ueda regained it in mid-1977 and later lost it to Sato.

Aja Kong
[Erika Shishedo]
The monster heel of the early 90's. Aja unseated Bull Nakano in 1992 for the WWWA title, having already been a tag team champion with Bison Kimura. Would hold the WWWA title on several occasions. Aja left AJW in 1997 and opened the ARSION promotion that debuted in early 1998.

Jackie Sato (Deceased)
Ueda's Beauty Pair partner. Jackie held the WWWA World Singles title three times, as well as the tag titles with Ueda. Died of stomach cancer in August 1999.

Plum Mariko (Deceased)
[Mariko Umeda]
The first wrestler to die as a result of a wrestling match in Japan. Plum worked for JWP, and held UWA and JWP Junior titles in the late 80's.

Yumi Ikeshita
Top heel for AJW during the 1970's as a member of the Black Pair
along with Mami Kumano and Shinobu Aso. Held the WWWA Tag
Team titles and the All Pacific title before retiring in the early 80s.



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