History of Japanese Womens Wrestling in the 1990's

Jan 4 Bull Nakano captures the WWWA title that had been vacated in 1990 when former champion Lioness Asuka retired, defeating Mitsuko Nishiwaki.
November 14 Bull Nakano retains the WWWA World title against Aja Kong in a steel cage match.
January 11 Kyoko Inoue and Bull Nakano defeat Aja Kong and Bison Kimura in a Double Hair match. Both Kong and Kimura were shaved bald after the match.
March 17 Former Jumping Bomb Angel Noriyo Tateno retires and works part-time as a commentator for All Japan Women's.
November 21 Bull Nakano defeats Monster Ripper (Rhonda Singh aka Bertha Faye) in a steel cage match.
November 1 Mikiko Futagami debuts
January Japanese Women's Pro closes down.
April Etsuko Mita and Akira Hokuto form Las Cachoras Orientales whilst on a tour of Mexico. The group debuts in Japan on May 24 vs. Aja Kong and Bison Kimura. Mima Shimoda joins the group a few weeks later.
April 3 JWP Project holds it's first card. Wrestlers include Mayumi Ozaki, Cuty Suzuki, Dynamite Kansai, Devil Masami, Plum Mariko and Hikari Fukuoka.
April 25 Bull Nakano retains the WWWA title, defeating Aja Kong in a wild brawl where both women bled heavily.
May 24 Wrestling under the names MITA and AKIRA, Etsuko Mita and Akira Hokuto make their Japanese debut as Las Cachoras Orientales at Korakuen Hall vs. Bison Kimura and Aja Kong.
August 9 Mayumi Ozaki and Cuty Suzuki defeat Sumiko Saito and Dynamite Kansai to become the first JWP Tag Team champions.
August 15 Manami Toyota defeats Toshiyo Yamada in a hair match
August 29 Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling holds it's first card drawing a sellout of 2018 to Korakuen Hall. Results saw Leo Kitamura defeat Mizuki Endo in 13:34; Rumi Yasuda and Saito defeat Mikiko Futagami and Yukari Osawa in 19:46; Eagle Sawai went over Michiko Nagashima in 8:46; Noriyo Tateno and Harley Saito beat Utako Hozumi and Miki Handa, and in the main event Shinobu Kandori defeated Rumi Kazama in 17:14.
November 19 Chaparrita ASARI debuts as Masami Watanabe.
November 15 Manami Toyota and Toshiyo Yamada retain the WWWA Tag Team titles against Mayumi Ozaki and Dynamite Kansai in what is widely considered to be the greatest women's tag team match of all time.
November 15 Aja Kong wins the WWWA title for the first time, defeating Bull Nakano, who had held the title for nearly three years.
November 15 Bison Kimura retires
December 1 Dynamite Kansai defeats Cuty Suzuki to become the first JWP Openweight champion.
March 20 Miori Kamiya retires
April 2 AJW, JWP, LLPW, EMLL and FMW come together to present 'Dream Slam' at the Yokohama Arena. Almost certainly the greatest wrestling show ever held. The main event was an all time classic bloodbath where Akira Hokuto defeated LLPW's resident hard-case Shinobu Kandori.
April 2 Chigusa Nagayo comes out of retirement, losing to Devil Masami
April 11 The womens promotions all came together once again for the 'Dream Slam II' interpromotional show this time at the Osaka Prefectural Gym. Not quite as good as the first Dream Slam, but easily the second best show ever, highlighted by a WWWA tag team title match pitting Manami Toyota and Toshiyo Yamada against Mayumi Ozaki and Dynamite Kansai that is probably the second best women's tag match ever.
August 29 Shinobu Kandori defeats Eagle Sawai to become the first LLPW champion.
November 9 Akira Hokuto defeats LLPW president Rumi Kazama in a hair match.
December 6 Shinobu Kandori defeats Akira Hokuto in a re-match from Dream Slam.
March 27 Akira Hokuto teams with her arch-rival Shinobu Kandori to defeat Aja Kong and Bull Nakano.
October 9 Kyoko and Takako Inoue win the WWWA Tag Team titles for the first time.
October 9 Bat Yoshinaga retires
November 20 All Japan Women's, JWP, LLPW, GAEA, and FMW combine to present a ten hour show at the Tokyo Dome. The event was highlighted by an interpromotional singles tournament, won by Akira Hokuto.
November 20 Lioness Asuka, Bison Kimura, Jaguar Yokota and Yumi Ogura come out of retirement for a legend's match at the Tokyo Dome.
December 4 Tomoko Kuzumi debuts, taking on Fusayo Nouchi.
March 21 Kyoko and Takako Inoue defeat Manami Toyota and Sakie Hasegawa in a tournament final to become the 100th WWWA tag team champions.
March 26 Manami Toyota wins the WWWA title for the first time, defeating Aja Kong at the Yokohama Arena.
March 26 Yumiko Hotta defeats Lioness Asuka in the best women's worked shoot match of all time.
April 2 Weekly Puroresu magazine holds a show at the Tokyo Dome featuring wrestlers from nearly every promotion in Japan.
April 15 Chigusa Nagayo's GAEA promotion debuts. Wrestlers include KAORU, Bomber Hikaru, Nagayo and several rookies.
May 7 Manami Toyota retains the WWWA world title, working to a one hour draw with Kyoko Inoue. Many people consider this to be the best womens singles match of all time.
May 7 Suzuka Minami retires
June 27 Aja Kong regains the WWWA world title, defeating Manami Toyota at the Sapporo Nakajima Sports Centre.
August 30 Dynamite Kansai becomes the first Japanese non-AJW wrestler to win the WWWA title, defeating Aja Kong in Osaka.
October 1 Akira Hokuto marries New Japan heavyweight Kensuke Sasaki
October 15 Dynamite Kansai becomes the first JWP Open Weight champion in almost a year, defeating Cuty Suzuki for the vacant title.
April 14 Jaguar Yokota's Jd' promotion debuts. Wrestlers include Lioness Asuka, Bison Kimura and Yokota.
May 18 Chaparrita ASARI defeats Toshie Uematsu to become the first WWWA Super Lightweight champion.
June 30 Sakie Hasegawa retires, teaming with Kaoru Ito against Michiko Nagashima and Tomoko Watanabe. All four women had been members of the AJW Class of '89.
November 2 Chigusa Nagayo defeats Devil Masami to become the inaugral AAAW (GAEA) champion.
November 2 Meiko Satomura and Sonoko Kato defeat Chikayo Nagashima and Sugar Sato to become the first AAAW Tag Team champions.
December 8 Kyoko Inoue finally wins the WWWA title, defeating Manami Toyota.
December 29 Akira Hokuto defeats Madusa Micelli in Nashville, USA to win the WCW Women's title.
January 20 WWWA champion Kyoko Inoue defeats IWA and All Pacific champion Takako Inoue to create the women's Triple Crown.
March 9 Hiromi Yagi retires
April 29 Blade-job queen Megumi Kudo retires, defeating Shark Tsuchiya in a No Rope, 200 Volt Double Hell, Double Barbed Wire Barricade, Double Landmine Glass Crush Electrical Barbed Wire Death match.
May 11 The Triple Crown is vacated and disbanded after a match between Kyoko Inoue and Kaoru Ito goes to a one hour draw.
July Toshiyo Yamada leaves AJW because she hadn't been paid for several months. Scores of other wrestlers follow her.
August 16 JWP wrestler Plum Mariko dies due to brain damage suffered in a tag team match on August 15. Plum was the first wrestler to ever die due to injuries suffered in a wrestling match.
August 17 Candy Okutsu (Tomoko Okutsu) retires.
August 20 Kyoko Inoue announces that she is leaving AJW, immediately before a WWWA title defence against Yumiko Hotta, which she loses.
September 20 Kaoru Ito and Tomoko Watanabe defeat Mima Shimoda and Etsuko Mita in the first women's cage match for nearly six years.
January 9 Kyoko Inoue's Neo Japan Ladies promotion debuts. Wrestlers include Inoue, Mima Shimoda, Etsuko Mita, Tanny Mouse (Mina Taniyama), Yoshiko Tamura and others.
February 18 Aja Kong's Hyper Visual Fighting ARSION hold their first show. Wrestlers include Kong, Reggie Bennett, Candy Okutsu, Mikiko Futagami and several former AJW wrestlers.
March 21 Shinobu Kandori becomes the second Japanese non-AJW wrestler to win the WWWA title, defeating Yumiko Hotta.
August 9 Ayako, the daughter of Gran Hamada makes her debut, losing to Candy Okutsu.
November Akira Hokuto gives birth to a baby boy named Kennosuke.
November 29 AJW holds it's thirtieth anniversary show at the Yokohama Arena. In the main event, Chigusa Nagayo defeats Manami Toyota with an Octopuss Submission.
December 7 Rie Tamada and Hiromi Yagi become the first Twin Star's of ARSION, defeating Tiger Dream and Ayako Hamada.
December 18 Mariko Yoshida defeats Candy Okutsu by submission to become the inaugural Queen of ARSION.
December 26 Jaguar Yokota (Toshimi Yokota) retires, losing to Devil Masami at the Ariake Coliseum, Tokyo.
December 27 Cuty Suzuki (Yumi Suzuki) retires.
April 9 ARSION rookie Emiko Kado dies due to a head injury suffered in a tag team match on March 31 in Fukuoka.
August 9 70s star Jackie Sato (Naoko Sato) dies of stomach cancer, aged 41.
August 15 Akira Hokuto wrestles her first match in over 18 months, teaming with Aja Kong and Mayumi Ozaki to defeat Chigusa Nagayo, Toshiyo Yamada and Meiko Satomura in the semi-main event of a GAEA show at Korakuen Hall.
March 28 Hikari Fukuoka retires.
July 11 Kyoko Inoue wins the WWWA title, becoming the third Japanese non-AJW wrestler to do so.
July 20 Yasha Kurenai retires.
August 22 A match between Lioness Asuka and Kyoko Inoue that was to unify the TWF and WWWA titles goes to a one hour draw.
August 29 Father-and-daughter Ayako Hamada and Gran Hamada team up to defeat Maasaki Mochizuki and Mikiko Futagami at a Michinoku Pro event.
December 9 In the first ever mixed singles match in Japan, Shinobu Kandori defeats male wrestler Mach Junji of Battlarts in 10:40.
December 25 Male wrestler Kodo Fuyuki defeats Kyoko Inoue in a cage death match.
December 27 Legendary 80's tag team The Crush Gals reunite to fend off an attack by Team Nostradamus following their run in on the main event of a GAEA show at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo.

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