History of Japanese Womens Wrestling in the 1970's

February 27 Toshiyo Yamada is born
October 15 Aiko Kyo becomes the first Japanese woman to hold the WWWA title, defeating Marie Vagnone.
September 25 Aja Kong is born
December 23 Mima Shimoda is born
March 2 Manami Toyota is born
June 30 Jumbo Miyamoto and Aiko Kyo become the first WWWA Tag Team champions, but vacate the titles immediately..
October 11 Jumbo Miyamoto and Mariko Akagi win the WWWA tag team titles. They would go on to hold them on nine occasions.
September 11 Jumbo Miyamoto wins her first of five WWWA titles, defeating Miyoko Hoshino
March 19 At 15, Mach Fumiake (Fumiake Watanabe) becomes the youngest ever WWWA champion, pinning Jumbo Miyamoto with a double arm suplex to win the title. Fumiake's win marks the first time a Japanese woman had won the title from another Japanese woman. Japanese vs. Japanese matches over the title would become the standard from this point onwards. Only three more wrestlers from outside Japan would hold the title, Monster Ripper from Canada, and La Galactica and Ayako Hamada from Mexico.
February 24 The Beauty Pair (Jackie Sato and Maki Ueda) win the WWWA tag team titles for the first time, defeating Mach Fumiake and Mariko Akagi
June 8 Maki Ueda wins the WWWA title for the first time, defeating Jumbo Miyamoto
August 31 Jane O'Brian becomes the first All Pacific champion, defeating Maki Ueda.
November 1 Jackie Sato (Naoki Sato) wins the WWWA title for the first time, defeating defeating Maki Ueda. Sato holds the title until July 1979, making her the longest running WWWA champion at that point in time.
August 21 Devil Masami debuts
February Maki Ueda retires, losing to her Beauty Pair partner, Jackie Sato
April 6 The Black Pair (Yumi Ikeshita and Mami Kumano) defeat Lucy Kayama and Tommy Aoyama to win the WWWA tag team titles.

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