History of Japanese Womens Wrestling: Year 2000-2009

January 3 In the first women's match of the new millenium, Yumiko Hotta uses a Pyramid Driver to pin Nanae Takahashi after 10:45.
January 4 Manami Toyota defeats Yumiko Hotta to win the WWWA title for the third time and become the first new champion of the millenium.
January 6 Neo Ladies hold their final show. Kyoko Inoue wrestles in all six matches.
January 8 Kyoko Inoue teams with Kodo Fuyuki in an FMW main event, defeating Mr Gannosuke and H when Inoue used a lariat to pin H.
January 10 All Japan Women's and JWP announce that they are going to co-promote a series of interpromotional shows.
February The first AJW-JWP combined show fails to sell out Korakuen Hall, drawing only 1700 people.
March 16 Kyoko Inoue's NEO promotions holds it's debut show at the Kitasawa Town Hall in Tokyo, drawing a sellout of 312.
May 14 At the Ariake Coliseum, Tokyo, the Crush Gals (Lioness Asuka and Chigusa Nagayo) team together for the first time since 1989. They defeat Devil Masami and Akira Hokuto in their comeback match.
August 19 In the first of two matches to commemorate her "twentieth" anniversary in wrestling, Noriyo Tateno works to a double count out with Etsuko Mita at Korakuen Hall. Later at the show, Rumi Kazama and Tiger Mask IV beat Tiger Mask I and Shinobu Kandori.
December 5 Megumi Yabushita reaches the final of the ReMix shoot tournament at Budokan Hall, defeating Russian Svetlana Gundarenko in the second round before losing to Marlos Coonen in the final.
December JWP announce that they will be closing down at the end of the year.
December 24 Xochitl Hamada retires losing a hair vs. hair match to sister Ayako Hamada. Xochitl's husband Pentagon is handcuffed to the ringpost during the match.
February 12 Aja Kong walks out of a tag team match pitting herself and Mariko Yoshida against Etsuko Mita and Mima Shimoda at Korakuen Hall, and announces she is "quitting" ARSION. ARSION show this event on television.
February 28 Yumiko Hotta defeats Shinobu Kandori after only 7:20 of a Vale Tudo match at the Tokyo Ota Ward Gym.
May 3 Megumi Yabushita loses a shoot match against Erin Toughill at the second ReMix shoot event, again held at Yoyogi Gym.
May 4 Yumiko Hotta defeats Kaoru Ito by KO in a streetfight style match that lasts 51:51.
May 26 Shinobu Kandori loses a shoot match by KO in 2:33 to Russian Svetlana Novikova.
February 24 Manami Toyota becomes a four-time holder of the WWWA title when she defeats Kaoru Ito to regain the title.
July 6 Manami Toyota loses the WWWA title back to Kaoru Ito and then announces that she will be leaving the promotion after around fifteen years of service. Toyota defects to GAEA and forms a group with some of the other former AJW wrestlers now working there.
October 20 Momoe Nakanishi wins the WWWA title from Kaoru Ito and becomes the youngest WWWA champion for more than fifteen years. Nakanishi is also the first wrestler to have held the AJW Singles, AJW Tag Team, AJW Junior, All Pacific, WWWA Super Lightweight, WWWA Tag Team and WWWA Singles titles.
May 11 All Japan Women hold their anniversary show at the Yokohama Arena. In the main event Ayako Hamada wins the WWWA title, making her the third non-AJW wrestler to hold the title.
May 11 Yumiko Hotta leaves All Japan Women after 18 years with the group.
June 22 At ARSION's Korakuen Hall event Yumiko Hotta announced that she will be starting up a new promotion. The group would be called "Major Girls Fighting AtoZ", and would feature all wrestlers from ARSION as well as the front office staff, also Sachie Abe, Mika Nishio and Mima Shimoda would be joining the group.
June 25 AtoZ hold their first show drawing 540 in Chiba. In the main event AKINO, Rie Tamada and Mariko Yoshida beat Mika Nishio, Sachie Abe and Mima Shimoda in 17:23 when Tamada pinned Abe.
June 23 Mima Shimoda announces that she will be retiring on September 13 at the Ariake Coliesum, Tokyo.
July 6 Momoe Nakanishi leaves All Japan Women.

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