Dump Matsumoto vs. Chigusa Nagayo Hair Match, November 7, 1986

This was the second Dump vs. Chigusa hair match, the first happened on August 28, 1985 in Osaka. Assisted by all kinds of weapons, Dump destroyed Chigusa, finally hitting her in the head with a chair. Chigusa was unable to reach her feet by the ten count, so the referee had to end the match and award the victory to Dump. Dump and friends then took great pleasure in wrapping a chain around Chigusa's neck and holding her down in the chair while Dump personally shaved her bald.

On September 10, 1986, Chigusa was in the ring singing a song, as AJW wrestlers normally did in that era when Dump & Co. hit the ring. They knocked Chigusa down, ripped her shirt off and started cutting her clothes with a pair of scissors. A "Lioness" chant for Lioness Asuka, Chigusa's Crush Gals partner broke out shortly before several wrestlers entered the brawl eventually leading to Dump leaving the ring. Three days later at the All Japan Women offices in Tokyo, a second Chigusa Nagayo vs. Dump Matsumoto hair match was signed.

The match took place once again in Osaka, on November 6, 1986. Following the introductions, Dump began to drink a bottle of water, but instead of swallowing, she spat it in Chigusa's face, then beat up the referee for good measure. The referee actually bled, which is very rare. The schoolgirls in the crowd then began to chant for Lioness while Dump again hit the referee, who threatened to disqualify her (even though the match hadn't started).

When the match finally started, Dump knocked Chigusa down with a lariat for a near fall within the first minute, making the crowd scream and begin a "CHIGUSA, CHIGUSA" chant. Dump cut Chigusa's head with a fork, which she hid when the ref looked before jabbing Chigusa in the chest with it. Suspecting that Dump had used a weapon, the ref actually lifted Dump's "Heavy Metal" t-shirt to check for foreign objects. After a whip into the ropes, Chigusa caught a sunset flip for a near fall, but Dump retaliated with a nervehold, then a piledriver for another near fall. Dump choked Chigusa on the ropes, and the referee made the mistake of warning her. With that, Dump grabbed the ref and slammed his head into the turnbuckles.

Having been given time to recover, Chigusa put Dump down with a wheel kick, and a top rope missile drop kick for a two count. Dump acquired a sword, which she began to choke Chigusa with. Dump followed it up by jabbing Chigusa in the face with a weapon that Bull Nakano had handed her. Chigusa, whose mouth was now bleeding, staggered around the ring, slapping the hands of Lioness and Jaguar Yokota when she walked past them. Dump followed her, put a chain around her neck and dragged her into the stands. Some guy who was standing literally a few feet away from the wrestlers then lit up a cigarette!

The wrestlers returned to the ring, Dump finally relinquished the chain, which was then thrown out by the referee. Dump used a pair of scissors on Chigusa for another near fall. Chigusa hit another desperation wheel kick however Dump quickly knocked her back down and applied a waist lock. Another Chigusa chant began, and the commentators suggested that Dump was using the waist lock to attempt a German suplex. Of course, Dump had no intention of using such a move. Chigusa slipped out of Dump's rest-hold, and used her own Scorpion Deathlock submission. Dump powered out and actually put on a cross-knee scissors briefly, followed up by more near falls.

Bull gave Dump a fork, which some of the crowd obviously saw as they began to scream frantically. They were even louder when Dump used the fork to cut Chigusa's head open. Chigusa, who was now wearing a mask of bloody, tried a kick while coming off the ropes, but Dump caught her leg. Chigusa, obviously a faster thinker than Dump, enzuguri'ed her, and tried to follow up with a German Suplex after ducking a punch. Chigusa, having been pounded on for some time, didn't have the strength to complete the move, Dump was able to escape and put her down with another lariat. Dump then splashed her to get a near fall. Dump followed up by introducing a waste paper bin to Chigusa's head. The referee began to get on her case about using the weapon, giving Chigusa an opening. Chigusa rolled Dump up, but didn't even get a one count.

Dump used a piledriver, and worked the crowd while the referee began his ten count. Chigusa got up at seven, but Dump again hit her with the bin. The referee started the count again, but oddly Dump snap-mared him. He got up and continued the count, then out of nowhere Chigusa unconvincingly rolled up Dump for the pin.

Unhappy about losing, Dump hit the ref with her kendo stick, and then left without getting her hair cut. Devil Masami and the other ring girls wiped the blood from Chigusa's face, and wrapped a towel around her head. Chigusa then got on the microphone, screaming for Dump to come back. Dump obliged, returning to the ring, but attacked Chigusa, pulling the towel off her head, and again shouting at the ref. Dump finally sat down for her hair to be cut. Dump's ally, Bull Nakano and others helped with the hair cut. Following the cut, Dump shouted at Lioness Asuka then left the arena.

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