Nikkan Sports "Top Ten Women's News Stories of 1999"

    1. Jackie Sato dies of stomach cancer
    2. First Chigusa Nagayo vs. Lioness Asuka match for ten years
    3. Shinobu Kandori vs. Mach Junji mixed match
    4. Yasha Kurenai and Hikari Fukuoka retire
    5. Emiko Kado dies
    6. Las Cachorras Orientalles enter more promotions.
    7. All Japan Women and LLPW run an interpromotional show.
    8. Kyoko Inoue vs. Yumiko Hotta title switches
    9. Rumi Kazama turns heel
    10. Debut of Ayako Seki


  • [Dissolution] Jackie Sato (Naoki Sato) who formed the Beauty Pair died aged 41 of stomach cancer. AJW held a memorial show at the Ota Ward Gym on September 29.

  • [Crush Confrontation] Nagayo and Asuka, the Crush Gals who were very popular after the breakup of the Beauty Pair battled on April 4. Asuka won the first match but Nagayo won the rematch on September 15. A Crush reunion was expected in the year 2000.

  • [Woman vs. Man] Mach Junji and Shinobu Kandori fought on December 9 at Korakuen. "Mr Joshi Puroresu" won despite the use of a chair and a kick (probably referring to a low blow). Kandori may fight boy wrestlers next year. JWP held a mixed six person tourament with Battlarts.

  • [Ring Death] Emiko Kado died on April 9 at 23 years of age. She went into a coma after a match at the Fukuoka University on March 31. Cause of death was similar to Plum Mariko's in 1997. No dangerous moves were used in the match.

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