Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

Our rating:  Great performances but mediocre food

The Wild West Show (Disney Village, evenings only, reservations essential) is very much horses for courses, with no pun intended.  Basically, it's based on the Dinner show format of which the Americans are so fond, where the entertainment vies with mass produced, sometimes edible, food and the audience participation rites, so beloved of our transatlantic cousins. 

The setup is that of an indoor arena, with bench seats and is designed to emulate a circus tent. In the pre-show area, you're issued with a disposable cowboy hat, replete with coloured band, which assigns you to the team of that colour.  You're then slotted into the seats by rote, so there's no choice about where you sit.  This is common in the US theme parks, but Europeans sometimes find it too prescriptive. 

Each group of folk is assigned an overworked 'waiter' (read 'food server') whose task is to ensure your group has food and drink in abundance throughout the show. This usually consists of Cola, Beer (for the potential inebriates) and what can best be described as a food bucket, brimming with chicken, turkey and beef in some sort of barbecue sauce.   While it's definitely not Michelin, it's usually not actually poisonous, either, but the educated palate might marginally prefer starvation. 

Shortly after you start eating, the show starts.  Now, the actual performance is superb, combining highly skilled displays of horsemanship, with all the usual rodeo skills, executed in spectacular fashion.  The problems arise because not everyone enjoys eating while cows and horses - with their accompanying smells - charge about the ring. Additionally, those with mite allergies can often be seen curling up into little balls of misery, whilst the euphoric team leaders hype the surviving audience members to states of ecstasy verging on the transcendental. 

Our personal view is that it's probably worth seeing once, providing your family aren't fussy eaters, have no allergies, sense of smell or artistic sensitivities and enjoy audience participation events, McDonalds takeaways  and lots of noise, 


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