Studios production tour

Best time to visit: Anytime

Loading speed: Fast - walk through and studio audience seating

Our rating: Not wonderful unless you've never been in a TV studio before but Cyber Space Mountain is worth the experience.

This is the centre and headquarters for the Disney Paris production unit. It's important to realise that the park is a working studios and this attraction offers some idea of what goes on behind the scenes in any major film and TV production facility. Art Attack and Zapping Zone are both made here, and guests will have the opportunity to watch them being made as part of a studio audience.

At the end of the tour, however, comes a bonus: Disney shipped Cyber Space Mountain from Chicago's now defunct DisneyQuest and installed it here.

Briefly, you design your own roller coaster track on a workstation, are given a 'scariness score' (5's the best!) and then proceed to a two person simulator where you proceed to endure or enjoy what you've designed. A big hit in WDW, this promises to be one of the studios' most popular 'secret' atractions.

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