Moteurs - Action: Stunt Show Spectacular

Best time to ride: After 11am

Loading speed: Fast - huge amphitheatre seating 3000

Our rating: Teenage boys' heaven and interesting for most.

You're the onlooker as a film team and stunt specialists engineer a sequence involving high speed car crashes, fires, death, mayhem and all those other jolly things you like to see on a pleasant, family day out.

The brilliant Remy Julienne (long established as one of the best stunt drivers and co-ordinators) manages the whole thing and you'l leave with a definite desire to drive more carefully.

Using some twenty vehicles and forty stunt performers, the show tells the story of a car chase and combines some excellent stunt driving with the usual explosions, walls of fire and slaughter on the streets and a detailed explanation of how some of the more interesting effects on film are achieved. This is certainly worth seeing more than once and - if you have teenage sons - it's likely that they'll want to move into the stadium for the holiday.


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