The little people...
The height restrictions can be very frustrating for a little one who is just short of that given height and who desperately wants to ride. Although with Big Thunder it's more critical (the safety bar doesn't really restrain very small people who might be sharing with a parent or older sibling) on Indiana and Space Mountain there is a safety margin of 2 - 3 cm (an inch or two) built in. We have to admit that we've resorted to the 'domino ploy' in the past to squeeze our youngest onto Indiana. This consists of placing a domino in the heel of his wellingtons (gum boots) immediately prior to entry to the ride. Giving just that little extra lift he was able to get past the ride 'greeter'. However, be warned: on Indiana, especially, they check again, just prior to boarding, so he has to do the entire queue with the dominos in his boots!

The shows and parades in the parks are little short of stunning. The stunt show , is unmissable by any standards and normally shows four times a day. Animagique in the Production courtyard combines superb live action with puppetry, film and animation. The best, however, have to be the parades, although the Studios' offering is currently a llittle downbeat.

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The Walt Disney Studios' rides compared


We've rated the rides compared with the best rides in British theme parks. Figures by the side show comparative scores out of 10 based on British theme park rides...

We've also started to activate some links so you'll be able to click on the name of the ride to discover more. 


Studio tour / Catastrophe Canyon 12

Stunt Show Spectacular 11

Armaggedon 11

Rock 'n Roller coaster 10***

The Flying Carpets 5

The shows


Animagique 12

The Art of Disney Animation 11

Cinemagique 10

Studio production tour (inc. Cyber Space Mountain)10**

Lights, Camera, Hollywood 8



***Height restriction of 1.32m


And finally...

Remember, you can leave the park at anytime just as long as you remember to get your hand stamped. They stamp hands on the right as you leave the park and readmit you at the opposite side (sometimes in the middle if the weather's bad). You will need your original tickets for readmission as well as your hand stamp (which they usually can't read, because the sun is far too bright, anyway!)