Lights, Camera, Hollywood!


The first thing you encounter as you enter the Studios is the equivalent of the Magic Kingdom's town square, an open, tree dotted rotunda complete with fountains. Guest Services is positioned to the right and the largest store immediately to the left. You are then funelled through a covered street set out as a sound stage complete with actors and props. Covering the street (something only thus far done in Japan) will ensure that large numbers of visitors will frequent the stage during poor weather and not head for the other covered attractions. Here you have the opportunity to play with various lighting effects, and dine at a large fast food cafe. Named the 'Brown Derby' after the famous Hollywood restaurant, it's only for fast fod and not for the excellent table servce style the restaurant of the same name uses in MGM, Florida.

The street frequently houses street entertainers, who effectively block passage through to the main Studios area. To avoid them, duck into the first entrance to the cafeteria and walk through to the other end.

One nice feature is the appearance of the 'swing band' above the restaurant whilst early arrivals are awaiting the park's opening. A full size dance band, it certainly plays with verve and skill and provides a welcome diversion from the half hour wait at the far end doors.


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