Rock 'n Roller coaster

Best time to ride: First or last hour of the day

Loading speed: Moderate

Our rating: Fast, noisy, intense and with an odd pre-show. Take the lower line - it leads to the front cars.

After observing a quaint and somewhat rambling pre-show through what purports to be the studio control room you enter the coaster loading area where you then get whirled, looped, flung, hurled and spun all whilst enduring the cacaphonic sounds of what passes for a rock band and dodging the brightly lit, neon and fluorescent signs that threaten to garrotte you on the ride. Super!

This ride is designed purely for those whose constitution is on a par with Rambo. The actinic flashing lights combined with the noise (thoughtfully emanating from speakers placed either side of your head on the ride vehicle) makes this experience a fairly passable idea of Hell for those who prefer Mozart to mayhem and would almost certainly require a long period of rehabilitation for most parents. Ideal for teenagers.

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