Cinemagique - a nostalgic look at the best of European and Hollywood filmaking

Best time to visit: Anytime - check the constantly displayed times.

Loading speed: Good - this is a sit down theatre presentation

Our rating: Outstanding for just about anyone. Not to be missed.

Billed as 'a vibrant tribute to 100 years of French, European and Hollywood film making' this presentation is a collage of the best of the film makers' repertoire. However, it's actually much more and, in the best tradition of the Disney storytelling ethos, it spins a story involving live actors, unusual special effects (you will get a little wet!) and the best edited sequence ever achieved in the film industry. This is one of the few attractions in WD Studios which will have you coming back time and time again. Exquisitely created, it represents what Disney do best - retelling the oldest stories with a touch of genius.

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