Backlot studio Tour

If the Walt Disney Studios develop in the same way as their transatlantic cousins at MGM, then this tour might be part of the Tram Tour to Catastrophe Canyon - or not, as the case might be. Anyway, this has to be one of the best experiences if you're a film enthusiast. The tour is a walk through experience in which you are privy to special effects scenes such as those required to make The Perfect Storm. If you then find the two tours are merged, you'll enter a tram which then meanders through film lots and sets - some of which might actually be in use - and then onto Catastrophe Canyon. Using the most recent technology, your tram is subjected to earth tremors, flash fires, explosions and tidal waves before you finally emerge, usually unscathed!

Given Disney's tendency to change things at a moment's notice, keep a sharp eye out for the information boards at the front lot of the studios as you enter.

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