Best time to ride: First or last hour of the day

Loading speed: Fast

Our rating: Excellent for effects but a rather indifferent pre-show. Intense.

As with many of the shows Disney present in their parks, Armageddon houses a pre-show which seeks to 'entertain' the guests. Unfortunately, although these shows clearly appeal to audiences in the States, they're not quite as popular in Europe, partly due to the language differences and the Armageddon show is not the most scintillating. Having escaped from this, however, you are ushered onto what appears to be a circular platform. This, it transpires, is the space station and you're about to witness a re-creation of a meteor storm (not meteorite, as the publicity blurb has it!). Disney have incorporated the very latest simulator and surround sound technology into this attraction, which integrates the acquired film and computer developments and experience from the past thirty years in a mind bogglingly realistic experience that appears to stop just short of your actual extermination.

Warning: The intensity (Disney-speak for loud sounds and scary effects) of this attraction shouldn't be underestimated and - although die-hard fans will love it - those who prefer to eat toast rather than become it may prefer other, somewhat more survivable attractions.

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