Les Tapis Volants - the flying carpet

Best time to ride: Early or late

Loading speed: moderate - can handle about 900 guests an hour

Our rating: Surprisingly rather good.

We've revised our opinions on this ride having ridden it on several occasions. Apart from the exquisite smoothness of the actual ride, the height attained is good and the control in the rear compartment of each ride vehicle allows the occupants to pitch the car forward and backwards during the 'flight'. The front occupants control the height and the whole experience is vastly superior to Dumbo or Orbitron, both rides which use similar technology. Best of all, the ride's seventeen cars each hold four people, thus doubling the capacity of the other two rides.

Doting parents can occupy a specially constructed stand at the side which elevates dad to the height of the cars at their uppermost, thus allowing embryonic Speilbergs the opportunity to make eye level shots for that post-holiday epic.

Destined to be immensely popular with the younger members of the party, this ride could prove to be a real bottleneck, especially as it appears to be acquiring something of a cult status with teenagers and young adults.

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