Videopolis & Hyperion Cafe



Cost: ££

Location: Discoveryland

Our rating: colossal cafe with the slowest queuing system ever devised. Occasionally, a glacier will drift by whilst you're waiting to get served. Although there are three huge banks of serving hatches, you should allow 30 minutes at any time to get served. Most of the time, they don't open all the hatches.

Absolutely huge and boasting three tiers of tables plus a seating area for the stage audience this place offers video entertainment plus the best stage shows in Disneyland. Currently Legend of the Lion King is showing - half an hour of the world beating Broadway smash hit. Our advice used to be to head for the top central tier of tables and watch the videos and then the show but, since the stage has been extended by a hundred square metres, people standing to watch can now effectively obscure your view. The best place is now the left or right hand stage tables which you should grab and hang on to for dear life. The French have an unfortunate habit of assuming that, because you're in France you should allow them to shove you out of the way and take second place. The show, however, is rated unmissable by any standards.

Hyperion was a Titan from Greek Mythology whose parents were Gaea and Uranus and whose son was Helios, which was no doubt why his parents called him their little 'Sunshine'...

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