The Eurodisneyland Railroad
Best time to ride: After 12 under current arrangements
   Loading speed:     Slow - assuming all three trains operating
   Our rating:  Worth doing for the experience but should be more efficient

In February '98 they changed the system so that, before 12, you could only board the train at Main Street, although you could disembark anywhere. Despite vociferous complaints from many, including ourselves, the situation is still in place. A shortcut between Fantasyland and Discoveryland is opened, sometimes, but we don't feel this is good enough. However, the Park management obviously have to address the growing problem of those who want to ride as soon as they enter the park.

Three trains run and take between 8 and 10 minutes to arrive. Riding the train is certainly worthwhile but be aware it is stopped at parade times and when fireworks are being set off.

The ride is in open carriages with accompanying music and narration and involves a 'Diorama' of the old Wild West - a scenic animatronic and musically accompanied panoramic display.

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