Toad Hall



Cost: £

Location: Fantasyland near Peter Pan's ride

Our rating: Small cafe selling fish and chips wrapped in specially designed 'newspaper' as well as kid's bits. Busy at lunchtime but quieter by 3.00pm (parade time). Poor food (if you like fish 'n chips) but an architect's dream.

This is a noisy, crowded and ultimately rather poor attempt at recreating a British style Fish and Chip shop. Because of its limited space, the eating tends to be cramped and the French just can't cope with Fish 'n Chips the way the British make them. The architecture, on the other hand, is something to die for. With seven different styles of chimney pots, ranging from Victorian to Neo-Georgian on the main cafe roof and the superb, cartoon-like leaning houses (pictured below) to its side you can spend most of the time simply gazing in awe at the inventiveness of the designers and builders. Leave the food alone, tho'. Interestingly, the Floridian equivalent is in Epcot in the UK 'Land' where the food is - if anything - even worse.


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