March 16th 2002 saw the gates open on this - the first for any Disney park outside the US




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Walt Disney STUDIOS

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To avoid the queues, for a complete, one day itinerary click here.

You will be able to see what the Studios have to offer in a day, but this will mean a little planning. When you arrive, be sure to stop at Studio Services - on the right as you enter the Studios and before you enter Studio 1 - and pick up a timetable. This is essential as many of the Studio attractions are shows and occur at certain times. The following shows are timetabled:

The Parade - 1.30 and 6.00 (in peak times)

Cinemagique - every 45 minutes

Moteurs - Action! - 5 or 6 times a day

Sister Act - about twice a day

The following shows are continuous loaders:

The Art of Disney Animation

Television Production Tour

And Armageddon, The Rock 'n Roller Coaster, Studio Tram Tour and Flying Carpets are essentially rides. Precise times of the shows for about one month ahead can be found here.


The Current visitor patterns for the Walt Disney Studios suggest about a 1:4 guest ratio in favour of the Disneyland Park (Magic Kingdom). Although that might imply a relatively quiet day in the Studios, there are fewer attractions and therefore less to do and so the actual attractions may well be as busy. Other factors which have a major impact on the queue lengths include the timing of the Stunt show (when it ends, 4000 people pour out, just looking for something to ride!) and the various other shows' endings, such as Cinemagique and Animagique.


However, in late July 2003, the numbers in the Studio were such that queues were few throughout the day and entering the attractions generally stress-free. The proximity of the two parks also allows for mass migrations at certain times, notably about half an hour before the Main Street Electrical Parade in the Disneyland Park (Magic Kingdom) and shortly after the Studios close for the evening - in peak times at about 8.30pm. The signs are that the Studios has not yet found its rhythm in terms of visitor movements but expect this to start happening in the next few months as repeat visitors arrive, armed with the knowledge of what they want to do, and when. For now, our advice is to visit the Disneyland Park (Magic Kingdom) first and the Studios in the mid to late afternoon.