Le Pays de Contes des Fees

The storybook ride

Best time to ride: 		Before 11 and after 3
   Loading speed:     	Moderate - continuous boat loader
   Our rating:  				Very pleasant and gentle sailing ride with lots of models to see

Delightful boat ride around exquisitely detailed models from the Disney stable of animated features accompanied by motifs from the musical scores. This ride is the ultimate antidote to stress and should be taken once a day after meals. With rarely a queue and a delightfully friendly cast to help you, you're soon lulled into a genuine sense of thumb sucking, nappy shredding security by the music, the music box tinkles and the super models. Right next door (and overhead whilst you're snoozing on this ride - yes, people have fallen asleep on it!) is Casey Junior - the fabulous little train ride. Both are modelled on the Californian Park's rides.

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