It's a Small World

Best time to ride: Virtually anytime

Loading speed: Fast - continuous boat loader type

Our rating: First ever ride of Walt's. Still entertaining but the tune....

Sitting in little boats like those of Pirates and Storybook ride you are taken through several 'lands' of animated figures all singing "It's a small world". This first appeared at the World's Fair at New York in 1964 and was Walt's first use of audio-animatronics in a Disney ride (if you don't count the Tikki Tikki birds), so it's obviously showing its age. Nonetheless, it's still impressive by most theme park standards. However, if it ever did break down they would probably drag you out screaming, such is the persistence of that tune. However, this ride is a great deal better than its WDW cousin because you see the full frontage, the little clock figures on the hour and the queuing system afterwards. Also, the music at least changes key!!!


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