Pirates of the Caribbean

Since opening, this ride has failed to attract the queues that might have been expected. Indeed, it is rare to queue longer than 15 minutes at the peak time of the day and, at other times, you can just walk straight on. Indeed, on a recent and very busy stay there, we rode in the front seats 18 times! In fact, this is a far superior ride to its WDW cousin in every way. Modelled after the Californian ride, it is longer, has two 'drops' and greatly enhanced ride effects. Tip: as you enter the brick and stone entrance to the ride, there are a pair of closed wooden doors to your left. If no one's about, dive through these and you will save about 300 yds walking time!

Since the opening of the Disney film of the same name, expect longer queues here as the film has a number of references to both this ride and to the interactive ride in WDW's DisneyQuest. Both ride and film are quite excellent.


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