Peter Pan's Flight
Best time to ride: 	In the first half hour of the park opening
   Loading speed:     Slow with frequent technical problems
   Our rating:  			Very pleasant flying type ride with detailed effects
Fastpass ride

This ride is the biggest paradox in Disneyland Paris. Although it's a well thought out, very detailed and musically uplifting ride, we still can't work out why it has become, judged by length of queue, the most popular ride in the park. If you don't get to this ride in the first half hour, you will end up waiting at least 30 minutes and, quite often, in excess of an hour and a half. The queuing is so long that the Park operators have erected a permanent tented queuing area to accommodate the thousand who want to ride it (that's us in the first 4 people, by the way! We took this photo at 9.20am - 20 minutes after the park had opened.) However, many people do queue for two hours with very young children. Tip: this ride demands you use the 'baby swap' technique if you have youngish children. One parent joins ride and, as they near the end of the queue, the other parent passes the children to them. If they queue 54 people behind, then the children will be able to ride again as they emerge from the ride by being passed over to their second queuing parent.

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