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La Vallee Shopping outlet village

ANNE FONTAINE 21 Tel+33(0)160420543

French name for women's shirts


APARA 67 Tel+33(0)160423198

French style women's wear


BATISTE 20 Tel+33(0)1604231 99

French name for women's wear BC13G


MAXAZRIA 22 Tel+33(0)160420438

American designer fashions for women


BLANC BLEU 7 Tel+33(0)160423361

Top casual wear brand for men and women


B 0 D U M 46 Tel 33 (0)l 64 63 26 25

Danish specialist brand for designer tableware and kitchenware


CAFE COTON 27 Tel+33(0)160423276

Men's French specialist brand for city shirts



Lingerie of the French Chantelle group Tel +33 (0)l 60 43 74 11


CHARLES JOURDAN 62 Tel+33(0)160423359

Famous French designer shoes, leatherwear and accessories for men and women


CHARLES TYRWHITT 11 Tel+33(0)160420126

Classic English style shirts and accessories for men and women


DONALDSON 40 Tel+33(0)160423691

Ready-to-wear and home decoration for the whole family


FASHION STUDIO 39 Tel+33(0)160433034

Designer clothing from brands such as Ana Molinari, Calvin Klein, Blumarine, Les Copains


F U R LA 37 Tel +33 (0)l 60 43 77 16

Italian fashion handbags and accessories


GIANFRANCO FERRET FACTORYSTORE 55 Tel +33 (0)11 60 42 02 91

Famous Italian designer fashions and accessories for men and women


GUY DEGRENNE 49 Tel+33(0)164634854

Leading French brand for tableware


H E R V Et L Et G E R 66 Tel +33 (0)l 60 42 05 46

Women's ready-to-wear and couture collections


Val d'Europ is growing rapidly and now offers three discrete elements: a huge shopping mall, a Sea life centre and an outlet shopping village, of the type much beloved of the Americans and British. The centre is just a short ride by taxi or one stop on the train, from Disneyland Paris. To kick-start the venture, the on-site hotels will order you the taxi and you can easily spend half a day or more, seriously depleting your credit card. Within the mall, there are two food malls and even double deck floors. This mall is enormous, dwarfing even the famed Beltz outlets in Florida.

This plan shows the shopping outlet village (brown shading at the right of the map) and the main Mall itself, along the top. Taxis from the hotel normally drop you at the south end of the shopping village. Below that is a list of the shops and their specialities - usually taking money...
Upon arrival at the outlet village (designed and financed by the British and Americans) you'll find yourself in a delightfully created, immaculately clean, traffic free shopping zone. Ahhh...

The village is laid out, conveniently, in a single avenue which leads to the Sea Life centre at the top and the huge, glitzy mall, to the left of the Sea Life centre, where, if you've any money left, you can remedy that situation with remarkable ease...

If you're used to Malls in the States, then you've some idea of what to expect. However, this one is rather large, with two floors in places and seems to go on for ever. It's laid out in an excellent way, though, and finding your way to the nearest cash point is never difficult. If you're a keen fashion shopper - be warned; this place could seriously damage your wealth.


1 N DIES 19 Tel.33(0)160423203

French ready-to-wear for women


LAMARTHE 29 Tel+33(0)160423206

French fashion handbags and accessories


LIBERTO 50 Tel+33(0)164634810

Jeans and sportswear brand for the whole family


MANDARINA DUCK 28 Tel+33(0)160423208

Italian handbags, luggage, accessories and fashions



(ouverture enjuillet 2001 /opening July 2001)

Women's ready-to-wear brands from the Italian group Burani


MAX MARA 30 Tel+33(0)160423235

Famous Italian name for women's ready-to-wear and accessories


M 1 N 1 MAN 9 Tel,33(0)160420481

French childrenswear brand


N 1 T Y A 57 Tel +33 (0)l 60 42 33 20

Oriental style women's fashions


O'NEILL 34 (ouverture prochaine /opening soon)

Famous American specialist brand for surfwear and other sportswear


OLD RIVER 60 Tel,33(0)160423270

Citywear, casualwear and accessories for men


M RIVER WOODS 52 Tel+33(0)160433048

Casualwear and accessories for the whole family


ROBERT CLERGERIE 31 opening August 2001)

Famous French designer shoes


S A M S 0 N 1 T E 23 (opening August 2001)

Leading name in luggage, travel accessories and clothing


TOMMY HILFIGER 63164 Tel+33(0)160420527

American designer clothing, sportswear and jeans for men, women and children


VENTILO 38 Tel+33(0)164634860

Authentic style French fashion brand for women