Newport Bay
This, the largest hotel in Disney (and in Europe!) is now being used for business conventions as well as tourist trade. The three top floors are concierge quality and there are some super five person "family" rooms available. Views from the upper floors are excellent, both front and rear, although those over the lake are obviously superior. The best hotel shop in the resort is here and there's a generally light and open feeling about the design of the hotel, designed by Robert Stern who also designed the Cheyenne. The hotel's two restaurants specialise in seafood and the rooms are generally nicer than the Sequoia Lodge. A slightly longer walk into the park than Sequoia and New York hotels, there is a little bus than runs in the summer. The promised water taxis have never been in evidence.

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The Lake in Disney has been in the process of development for ten years. Originally destined to provide a variety of water activities, most have never materialised, partly because of staffing difficulties, partly climate and partly not being high on the list of priorities. With the opening of the Walt Disney Studios, however, it is likely that the lake will begin to feature more prominently and at least start to fulfil some of its substantial potential as a watersport playground.