Les Mysteres du Nautilus
Best time to ride: Before 11.00 and after 3.00
   Loading speed:     Steady.  Walk through attraction
   Our rating:  Very detailed and full of genuine antiques

A walk through attraction which takes you beneath the watery surround to Space Mountain and onto a Squid ravaged Nautilus Submarine straight out of the film '20 000 Leagues Under the Sea'. Because it's 'walk-through' the queue moves steadily but you can feel a little pressured during peak times and consequently miss some of the delightful little touches in this remarkable reconstruction. Look for Nemo's cabin with its tiny bunk. As is often the way with Disney, you'll be hard put to tell the difference between the genuine antiques and the recreated ones, such is the attention to detail and craftsmanship employed. After surviving a squid attack (not the best feature) you leave the submarine via an underwater tunnel and emerge close to Space Mountain. Certainly worth doing but leave it until it's quiet to enjoy the details.


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