A phenomenal and seamless integration of live dancing, acting, singing, puppetry and the state of the art special effects for which Disney is rightly renowned combine to make this show unmissable, by any standards. Destined to become the biggest draw in the park and drawng on a cast list which extends from Paris to Los Angeles, Legend of the Lion King uses the magic of the hit songs from the Animated feature and the years of stage ann movie making expertise garned by the company to produce somethig which is extra special. Worth the price of admission to the park by itself, this show attracts huge crowds for every showing.

While it's almost worth braving the food queues to eat whilst watching, we'd advise against that, however, for two reasons: The first is that you won't want to miss any of this fantastic performance simply to eat. The second is that if you sit anywhere other than the right hand tables on the actual stage itself, you won't see a thing. We recommend turning up about 45 minutes before it starts to grab a front row seat in the theatre part of Hyperion. Although your backside will closely resemble the shape of the plank on which you're perched after the first hour, it really is worth it just to see this show.

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Legend of the Lion King