the Blue Lagoon


Ambience: +

Cost: £££

Location: Adventureland near Pirates of the Caribbean

Our rating: Absolutely outstanding ambience, moderate food but, overall, an enchanting experience. Reservations required.

Situated next to the Pirates of the Caribbean exit, this unique restaurant serves a variety of seafood dishes in a moonlit setting on the shores of a Pirate island. The food is fairly good - and unusual, sometimes - but what makes the whole experience so special is the setting. Wicker chairs and tables line the 'shore', fireflies dance around the flickering lanterns which bedeck the walkways and boats full of n'er-do-goods drift silently past to the accompaniment of crickets and night owls. However, it's so dark you may well not be able to see what you're eating and you need to be careful to avoid impaling the hands of your fellow diners which, at times, might taste better than the meal.


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