Best time to ride: First hour or last 30 minutes
   Loading speed:     Moderate
   Our rating:            Very good - and quite wild


This is a magnificent example of what Disney do best - the wild 'coaster ride which looks much worse than it is. In this ride, even the queuing is an attraction. Shuffling past genuine tents and '40s vehicles and on up into what appears to be a ruined Mayo temple flanked by gigantic stone Cobras you see a rickety, Heath-Robinson type construction which you realize - with some horror - is what your life - literally - depends on. Disney have recreated the near-to-collapse mine train from the film so well that you have to be looking very hard to see the modern steel rolling gear and the advanced safety systems, disguised, as they are, by old planks and masses of rubble. Since altering the ride so that you experience it backwards, queues had reduced somewhat, possibly because the 360o turn is very tight and - backwards - even the strength of the average teenager was tested over a couple of visits. They've now altered it to run forwards again, so that you can now see the sheer drops, rather than have them simply sneak up on you.

This is a Fastpass ride.


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