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There are six hotels on the site and one camping ground, three miles away. All hotel rooms sleep 4 people in two double beds and the Newport Bay, New York and Disneyland Hotels offer some rooms that sleep five. All the hotels except Hotel Cheyenne and Santa Fe also have suites. Tea and coffee making facilities are not provided and Cheyenne and Santa Fe don't have a swimming pool. Guests staying there used to be able to use the Sequoia Lodge pool, but that has now been discontinued. A detailed chart giving all the facilitate available at the hotels can be found here.

Staying at any of the hotels is quite an experience because of the attention to detail Disney lavishes on everything. Disney would maintain that quality of service (as opposed to levels of service) are all equal; some, however, are more equal than others. Click on the highlighted links to learn more.

Santa Fe

Basic, small, cheap and not recommended. The main areas can be noisy as well in our experience, although we've started get emails from people who say that the Santa Fe has improved considerably. Their only restaurant is La Cantina

Hotel Cheyenne.

Fantastic themed hotel, about 17 minutes walk from the park. First one we stayed in. Small rooms (with bunks for the kids), cheap but a great experience. Disney have reintroduced the ubiquitous hotel charge card facility to both the Cheyenne and the Santa Fe, a very good move, as the charge card facility is excellent. Eating is in the decorously named Chuck Wagon


Sequoia Lodge.

Lakeside hunter's lodge type hotel. A nasty fire a few years ago caused it to smell a lot for about three months but they've rectified that now. Make sure you get a room in the main building. It can be a nuisance hauling yourself in from one of the lodges in bad weather. Excellent swimming pool and some very good rooms on the front with stunning views. Beaver Creek Tavern and Hunters Grill provide comestibles.

Newport Bay

Absolutely huge, nautically themed, hotel on the lakeside again. Best hotel shop, great swimming pool and three floors of extra services if you pay. Cape Cod and Yacht Club delight the palette.

New York

Good for business people, not a lot for the kids. Expensive but a little too sterile for our tastes. Parkside Diner and the classy Manhattan Restaurant keep body and soul together

Disneyland Hotel

The best. Judged 'European Hotel of the Year' by the British Travel Agents Association. Expensive, pink and right at the entrance to the park, a first for any Disney park in the world. By itself, this is a great hotel, especially in winter, when you can leave the blizzards and wind outside and pop back to your room for a quick chocolate. However, the Castle Club, a 50 room boutique hotel within the Disneyland is amazing. If you can afford it, try it. A week of decadent fawning and unrestrained hedonism can be yours! Inventions, the California Grill and the Piano Bar provide sustenance.

Character meeting opportunities

All of the hotels are frequented by Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Pluto and Goofy at certain times but the Disneyland Hotel is the most visited. Meeting the characters in your hotel has the advantage that you don't waste valuable riding time in the park standing in a queue with your offspring hoping to have the autograph book signed.

Davy Crockett Ranch

About three miles from the park is the The campsite at the Davy Crockett Ranch. An excellent swimming pool and great log cabin type accommodation make it a good place for the kids. The withdrawal of the bus service between the site and the main park has been something of a blow, however, and staying at the Campsite is only practical if you have your own transport.


Increasingly, people want to know about hotels very near Disney but not right inside the lake Disney area. Marriott, Holiday Inn and Airtours are all starting to build hotels and chalets in the nearby Val d'Europe. The latest addition is the spectacular Movenpick Dream Castle Hotel, set to become something of a winner.

MyTravel Explorers hotel

Kyriad Prestige

Holiday Inn

Movenpick Dream Castle Hotel

Additionally, there already exist so called 'partner' hotels, of which these are the main:

Hotel L'Elysee Val d'Europe

The first of the new breed of hotels, being built in Val d'Europe. A three star hotel, it has air-conditioned bedrooms, all with private bathrooms, the usual facilities and is only two miles from the Park. Time will tell whether the new 'partner' hotels will enjoy the same status as those in WDW - able to offer guest privileges such as early entry and charge card facilities.

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