The best. Continually winning awards, this hotel exceeds even the American standards of service, seeing to your every need. The dining is good, breakfast either good or excellent if you choose a 'Character" breakfast, room service quick and responsive and the feel of the hotel is unsurpassed. Straddling the entrance to the park, you can watch the guests as they line up outside the imposing gates each morning and then stream into the park from underneath the hotel. Watch for the clocks which run backwards in the corridors, the ashtrays with the "D" in Disney style written into the sand each morning and the super little shop which, although not as good as the Newport Bay's, certainly carries a good range. For those who wish to hobnob with the rich (and sometimes famous) ask for the Castle Club. This is probably most people's idea of heaven! The gardens have freshly planted flowers to maintain Mickey's face and, of course, the hotel clock is Mickey. Characters roam the lobby and the hall ways throughout the day. With or without children, this hotel is simply the greatest place you could hope to spend a few days in. Strangely, however, the swimming pool is small and unadorned and the arcade area cramped. Probably better for the smaller members of the family, this hotel.

The characters

Disney Hotels are all themed - which makes them rather special from a child's point of view. However, the Characters - Mickey, Pluto, Tigger et al. tend to frequent mainly the Disneyland Hotel, although they do put in appearances at the remainder. . If you stay in the Disneyland, however, you should be aware of the characters' appearances. There is a small room on the third floor of the hotel from which they appear - starting at 7.30am each morning - every thirty minutes. For an excellent 'photo opportunity, position yourself on the 'bridge' - that's the section of the hotel which links the wings with the central building - at the swimming pool end of the hotel at about 7.25am. A stream of Disney characters will move between the wing and the restaurant until about 11.00am.

One thing, however; maintaining the illusion for younger children is extremely important for Disney - and the cast members - so it's advisable to restrain children from following them into the hotel wing.

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The Disneyland Hotel