Honey, I Shrunk the Audience!
  Best time to ride: First hour or last two hours
   Loading speed:     Excellent - 600 seats in theater
   Our rating:            Superb.  Don't miss it.

First introduced, somewhat paradoxically, to Epcot in Florida, this attraction proved a winner from the word go. However, much of the Floridian version depended on language to convey the effect, and the way past the language barrier has been to alternate English days and French days.

The show depends on the seamless integration of Music, Dialogue, Disney's own special 3D film systems and incredibly good special effects. This involves seat movements, floor movements and the feeling of....well, best to leave something for you to find out! The Paris team has tried to improve on the States version but one little problem has been the air blasts. Newly developed for the attraction in Florida, short blasts of air play on your legs to simulate the feeling of mice tails. In Florida, however, these were comparitively gentle. In Paris, the blasts are sharp and sometimes almost painful which, combined with their rather upper leg orientation, can be enough to bring tears to the eyes...

Nonetheless, an excellent attraction and definitely not to be missed.

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