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to the Disneyland Paris online guide. The aim has always been to make this the best guide to Disneyland Paris on the Web and in this - our fifteenth year - we've welcomed our eighteen millionth visitor. The guide began as a simple. five page affair, to help folk visiting DLP for the first time and has grown into the most comprehensive reference work to DLP on the web. The author and his family have been visiting the park since 1992, when it first opened, and our children have virtually grown up there, so there's a wealth of experience here, coupled with a policy of continuous updating, fuelled partly by the thousands of emails we receive on a regular basis.

All of the attractions, restaurants and hotels are assessed critically, and we've made recommendations based on our experience of hotels throughout the world and experiences related in the thousands of emails received. We've formed a partnership with the DLP food guide and the ClickMagique newsletter, both of which can be accessed from the site itself. We also recommend a selection of restaurants both inside the Parks and around the Disney Village. Additionally, you can use the site search engine to find any information you might need.

The Disney ethos is, quite simply, to aim for the highest standards in every aspect of their product. They aim to provide the best entertainment, the best eating and the best hotels. Do they succeed? Read on...

What's unique....

The problem, or, depending on which way you look at it, the delight, of dealing with a company as well established as Disney, is that they keep changing the rules. To try and ensure that we know just about everything they do, the author and his family have stayed at Disney twenty two times, in six of their hotels and at all times of the year. However, feedback is always needed and very much appreciated. Whether you've stayed once, ten times or just dropped in, we'd like to hear from you. If you're a Disney cast member, or ex-cast member, we'd really love to hear from you. Please be assured that your confidence will always be respected.

Using the site

We've kept the design of the site simple and left out 'bells and whistles' as it is assumed that most people want the information on here to download quickly and easily. As such, there are no chat rooms, pages of Flash and Javascript or multiple animations. What we have is scrupulously researched information and a guide that has been recognised by some of the leading publishers in the World. The guide is designed with the first-time visitor in mind and covers just about anything you would need to know before booking a holiday at the resort.

The site is revised continuously and we rely not only on our own visits but on informed opinions and facts from those who contact us to let us know what is happening. Nothing is printed which is not verified by at least two sources.

Contacting us

Before emailing with a question, please use the site search engine (below) to find out if it's already covered on the site. Our e-mail address is at the side of the page. Check the FAQ page for information that you might not have found and please let us know if you found the guide useful or otherwise. Have fun!