The FastPass system

At each of five rides in Disneyland Park (Big Thunder, Star Tours, Space Mountain, Peter Pan and Indiana Jones) and four in Walt Disney Studios
there's a machine which will allow you to insert your park tickets and obtain a fastpass ticket in return. The FastPass ticket allows you to return to the ride at any point between the times printed on the ticket and use a separate entrance to bypass the queues which are such a delightful featureof the busier days in the park. However, it's worth noting that the allocation for these tickets is limited and Peter Pan often runs out of them before midday during the busier times.

One problem that has emerged, however, is that the fastpass system itself has increased the length of queues for the most popular rides. This is particularly true in the case of Peter Pan where it is now essential to get a fastpass ticket to have any hope of riding with less than 30 minutes wait.




Back button






Here, you can return to Peter Pan (they've extended the queuing area around the side of the ride) and skip past the endless lines of hopeful kiddies as they regard you with lachrymose eyes, forlornly hoping for their wish to come true, and jump right in front of them.

Big Thunder's entrance is at the far end of the ride, nearest the Cowboy cookout and offers a route onto the loading area through a side door.

It's rarely necessary to queue for Star Tours and, given the flakey condition of the simulator trim these days, it's long overdue for the rumoured overhaul, anyway.