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Getting there

How do I get to the park?

My mum finds walking distances difficult so can we park near to the Magic Kingdom?

How do we get into Paris from DLP?

Are there any maps on the site?

Where is Val d'Europe?

What is the Outlet Shopping Village?


How much are the hotels?

What's in the hotel rooms?

Are there ATMs at the Hotel and/or at the Disneyland Paris site itself?

What hotels outside the Park are there?


How much does it all cost?


How do I make a booking?

Seriously ill children - is there any sort of scheme?

Shows, parades, fireworks and entertainment

What are the times of the parades and shows?

When do they have fireworks?

What is 'Pin Trading'?

What is the Balloon ride?

Is there a cinema in the Disney Village?

Opening times

When are they open?

The parks

Can we take our dog into the parks?

What is the FastPass system?

Is it possible to get a video showing Disney Paris before we go?

What's the weather like between November and February?

My mum finds walking distances difficult so can we park near to the Magic Kingdom?

Are there ATMs at the Hotel and/or at the Disneyland Paris site itself?

I've heard that there's lots of secrets about the Park. Where can I find out?

I can't find any information on....


Can I take food into the Parks?

What restaurants are there in the parks?

My child is allergic to certain foods and we're Jewish. What can we do?

Do they have vegetarian food?


The site author receives between thirty and sixty emails a week about the site, some asking questions, some simply saying nice things. A few are from people who try to make bookings (!). Here's a selection....


"We found your information very helpful, just what we were looking for. We searched everywhere for information and found the official Disney site frustrating if you didn't have the software to download the video pictures, which we didn't, and their one took forever, so we gave up, until we found your site, that is! We all would like to thank you for your most interesting, informative and humorous pages which helped US survive Disneyland Paris!!"

"I would just like to say that by reading your site, I can totally relate to it. Having gone to Disneyland Paris four times before, and my fifth time coming up in 3 weeks, I have also realised the need to rush and beat the queues, and perhaps not so surprisingly my family do the same ( roughly ) route ( up Liberty Arcade to the walkway, at rope drop rush etc.etc. ) as yours do !! Anyway, it was of much benefit, and even at 14 I am probably just as obsessed with Disney as you are, and have decided to start my own web page too !!"

"Just wanted to say what a pleasure it was reading about Disneyland Paris. I was just considering taking the family when I came across your website. Gave me a great laugh! Very well written. Thanks!"

"To the author of the site, I would just like to say that I think that Your web site is GREAT!!! We are going to Disneyland Paris next week and I am sure that your great tips will ensure that we spend less time on queues and more time on the rides! I would highly recombined this site to anyone who is planning a trip to Disneyland Paris."

"We have just been for a 4 day visit - 2 days Euro Disney and 2 days Paris staying in Bussy St George - 7/6 to 12/6. Thanks a lot for your guide and tips - we found them invaluable - just managed to find the Rainforest Cafe and whilst expensive would rate this as the best value - Planet Hollywood was nothing to write home about and the atmosphere wasn't a patch on Rainforest Cafe - you do have to be there prompt after the closure of the park or queues are quick to form even in June and people were being turned away and told to come back later. Once again thanks a lot and keep up the good work. Mark Wilson."

"Just a quick mail from some 'first-time Disneylanders', who found your web site most useful. We were lucky enough to attend in early June, just after the UK half term holidays had finished, so found queues acceptable - none being more than 30 minutes. Indeed, the longest queue we encountered was for the youngest member of the party (3.5 yrs) to meet and cuddle Mickey !! Overall, the information you detailed was very accurate, and allowed us the confidence to move around the site from the time we arrived without actually having to acclimatize to the experience, thus saving precious time during the best part of the day for beating ride queue's. The site was well worth the visit, and I will recommend it to any of my friends/colleagues visiting Disneyland Paris as a prerequisite before travelling. Regards The Worner Clan (3 kids + 2 'big' kids !)"

"Your web site is just brilliant and very informative. I'd love to bring our two children to Disney-Paris but after reading all the web site information I'm having doubts - I hadn't realised that Disney-Paris was so huge. My youngest will be just two when travelling there next March. My other child is six - so he's no problem. Do people travel with young children or do they wait until they're older. Perhaps as you've been there so often you might be able to give me your opinion.Keep up to good work on this web site as no brochure I'm sure would have all the details you have here."

Thank you for your kind comments. It's true that DLP can be a little overwhelming for the very young but the six year old will love it! We've seen many guests with extremely young children and they all seem to love it, so you might care to take a chance. You can rent a baby stroller in the park but be sure to wrap a vinegar soaked nappy around the handles - that way it will still be there when you leave the rides!

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From time to time mail arrives with questions that haven't been fully dealt with on the site. This page contains some of them....

Birthday meals

Yes it's a great site, it's the first one I found and I didn't need to carry on searching... I will be spending my birthday there, and I also would like to know if do you know if they have any special kind of treatment for people celebrating their birthday there.

They do have birthday meals at the hotels you can book - they do a nice job too!. Otherwise mention it to the restaurant when you book in..

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Getting to the Park

I will be staying in the centre of Paris in September, but can't find any info on how to get there, eg bus, etc.

I take your point. However, once in Paris, simply go to the nearest railway station. Disney has its own train station right outside the park entrance which couldn't be nearer and trains run every 20 minutes from Paris. More details here

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Cinemas in Disney

What cinemas are there and when do they show films in English?

There are the Gaumont cinemas in the Village, which sometimes show Enlgish language films on Thursdays. The Imax screen there is also now open. For those who haven't ecperiencced, Imax, be prepared for massive scrreens and superb photography.

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My name is Emily Silverton and I am a journalist on the Express on Sunday Magazine in England. Could you please inform me, by return of e-mail, of your press contact and telephone number and send an information pack

Hi, Emily. This site is independent - i.e. not run by Disney. I'll be glad to help if you wish but you should be aware I'm not connected to Disney in any way!

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Could I have some information on ticket prices?

Click here for details on tickets (Passports) and here for Hotel prices and the prices for a cheap room or rooms.

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Hotels outside Disney

There are several hotels which appear on the Disney brochure in nearby villages, Paris and at the Charles de Gaulle Airport., To see where these are and find out more details click here. Information about local hotels is here, Paris hotels is here and CDG airport hotels can be found here.

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Can you please mail me which days the fireworks are being held at Disneyland Paris

Normally Saturday evenings only.

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Balloon rides

What is the Ballon ride and where is it?

The PanoraMagique balloon ride on Lake Disney is now operational. The ride up to 100 foot is extremely smooth and the views from the top are absolutely magnificent. The balloon ride is very quiet and smooth as it is not a conventional hot air balloon which would I guess scare small children due to the burners used, but tethered helium balloon. The ticket prices are €12 for adults, and €6 for children (3 - 12) free for children under the age of three.
The Balloon has a web site at http://www.panoramagique.com/

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Purchasing passes


You can buy passes from any UK Disney store and I would recommend you do so. Buying them at the park is not a good idea as it slows your entrance to the park itself. On the other hand, if you stay at a DLP hotel you can get them at the hotel as part of the package and that's usually the best way. They're also available at French airports and Train stations.

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Opening days

The parks open 365 days a year, 366 in a leap year.

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Taking food into the parks

You're not allowed to take food into the Parks. However, it's easy to nip out of the park for half an hour to eat a picnic (they have a nice picnic area!) but be aware that they can and do search some bags at the gates.

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Parade and show times

These vary throughout the year and from week to week so we have therefore included a specific link to the Official Disneyland Paris site for your convenience.

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There are disabled parking spaces in the car park which allow you to park next to the Disney Village entrance, but there's still a fair bit of walking in the park itself. I would advise you to rent a wheelchair from the Park (Guest services will provide one) for the day. The park itself is more than 220 acres and, although you can get the train around it, there's still a lot a walking. In terms of size restrictions, you should look here.

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ATMs and foreign exchange

The parks have a commission free forex counter as you enter and also sport ATMs, as does the Village. All the hotels will change foreign currency.

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Dogs and other pets

Dogs (other than officially designated guide dogs) and other pets are not allowed into the parks nor into hotels. There is a kennels on site near the park entrance where pets may be left by prior arrangement.

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Are there any maps?

There are several maps on the site. Click on the area concerned to follow the link to that map: Walt Disney Studios, Magic Kingdom (Disneyland Park), Val d'Europe, Hotels map. There's also a full road and train map here.


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Hotel rooms

Hotel rooms provide towels, complimentary soaps, shampoos and, in some cases, bathrobes and hairdryers. Santa Fe and Cheyenne guests are no longer allowed to use the Sequoia lodge swimming pools as they had been when the park first opened. The other hotels each have their own pools.

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Pin Trading

Pin Trading is a wonderful money making scheme which has spread from the States and relies for its success on the youngster's delight in collectig things. For more information, click here


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Restaurants and cafes

A full list of Restaurants and cafes ca be found here

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Travel video

Travel agents have access to one produced by DLP but there's also a park video which you can get by mail order from the park. However, it's been made by a French company and dubbed - badly - into English, so be warned!

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Weather in winter

Very cold (usually about 0C) but mostly dry. You'd better pack gloves, scarves and plenty of wooly things! We often visit in February and we've had snow each time!

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Seriously ill children

Disney operate a discrete and quietly organised programme for children with life threatening conditions and their families. This is done through the Disney Compassionate Care Programme. In the U.K. this can be organised through the Christian Lewis Foundation based in Swansea.

Trips into Paris

DLP themselves organise a trip into Paris by coach and the Train will take you there in half an hour on the hour.

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Special diets and allergies

With regard to diet, both Kosher diets and special diets for the allergy prone can be arranged. Simply contact Guest Services at the Park before you travel (they need a couple of days notice) and let them know the situation. Guest services Tel No: 00 33- (0)1 60 45 68 90. More details here

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Vegetarian diets

Vegetarian food is available at all restaurants and hotels both on request and on the menus.

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Val d'Europe

Val d'Europe is a huge new shopping mall and city being built just one stop down the line from the Disney Train station More information here

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La Valee Shopping Outlet Village

Situated right next to the Val d'Europe this delightful designer outlet mall is worth a visit. More information here

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Park secrets!

The Americans keep endless files about Disneyland Paris. One of the best about their secrets is here!

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First introduced in the States, this is s system which allows you to bypass the queues on popular rides and go straight on. FastPass tickets are machine issued following the insertion of your park tickets and are valid for a one hour period. More information here.

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