Fantillusion Parade

At night, the Fantillusion Parade is simply overwhelming. Those who loved the Main Street Electrical Parade and who adored WDW's Spectromagic now have something which exceeds their wildest expectations. Fantillusion is - quite simply - the most sophisticated integration of light, music, movement, electronics and animatronics that Disney have ever produced. Borrowing elements from both Spectromagic and Main Street Electrical parades, Disney call on their experience in the film industry to create an experience that is simply stunning.

In fact, it's not strictly a parade at all, but an entertainment experience, such is the intensity of the event. As with all Disney events, there's a story - the familar theme of Good versus Evil with the former winning out in a way guaranteed to delight the younger girls in the family. However, to see the parade in its entirety, grab a space behind the rope which they put up which runs between the town square central rotunda and the photo shop pavement. The parade starts behind the huge gates in the Square, adjacent to Liberty Arcade and you'll have an unrestricted view from one of the least crowded areas. When the parade has passed you, it will pause for a short while. That's your cue to head up to the Castle stage area (where all the concrete benches face the stage) and see the parade for a second time. This time, however, you'll see something different. When the parade reaches you it will pause and then the transformations begin.


It's precisely in the parades that the DLP lack of control becomes evident. The French (no, not the Germans, nor the Dutch, nor anyone else) insist on pushing through to the front of any group. If they can't get through then they shove their little children through and then follow them. Unfortunately, wedging yourself in such a position that it blocks them out is impossible; they simply push through in front of the rope barrier. This is dangerous at night, as the float drivers can't see what they're doing. Nonetheless, when warned, they then step back, usually in front of you. The answer here is to stake out your spot and be prepared to defend it with ferocious tenacity. And don't give in to French children; remember, they become French adults!


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