Main Street Electrical Parade

Best place to see it: Town square

The Main Street Electrical Parade was brought over (by sea) from Florida's Magic Kingdom where it had served since the park's inception. Replaced there by Spectromagic, many diehard Disney fans felt the loss keenly, and it isn't difficult to see why. If there is one parade you simply must see, it's this one. An astonishing amalgam of Music, Light and Special Effects ensures that this is one event that will live in your memory. The accompanying music is an old analogue synthesiser composition which you will find yourself humming and bouncing along to for the rest of your holiday.

 Tip: This is a parade which attracts many of the guests and, after which, they leave. To facilitate this, it always starts at the Town square and works its way up to Fantasyland. If you intend leaving after the parade, watch it from the bottom of the railway steps nearest the town hall. That way, you'll be the first to make the exit. If you've seen it a few times, then this is also the very best time to do the rides which normally have long queues.

At night, The Main Street Electrical Parade is simply overwhelming but it is precisely here that their lack of control becomes evident. The French (no, not the Germans, nor the Dutch, nor anyone else) insist on pushing through to the front of any group. If they can't get through then they shove their little children through and then follow them. Unfortunately, wedging yourself in such a position that it blocks them out is impossible; they simply push through in front of the rope barrier. This is dangerous at night, as the float drivers can't see what they're doing. Nonetheless, when warned, they then step back, usually in front of you. The answer here is to stake out your spot and be prepared to defend it with ferocious tenacity. And don't give in to French children; remember, they become French adults!


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Main Street Electrical Parade
Main Street during daylight hours where you can see the Christmas lighting rigs. Possible the nicest time to visit, DLP offers just about the most magical Christmassy experience you could imagine.