Tip: food throughout the park (and the hotels) is priced the same with the cheapest being the 'Fun Meals' and the costliest being the full service restaurants so it's not worth 'hunting around' for a cheaper meal. Best to find a place where the queuing isn't bad and the food's palatable.
Best for queues: Colonel Hathi's Pizza Hut.
Worst: Videopolis / Hyperion Cafe
Average: Pinnochio's





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In or out of the Park?

Basically, don't leave the park to eat; the restaurants in the hotels are expensive the nearer to the park they are. In Disney Village (the place once known as Festival Disney), however, Annette's Diner is recommended where you are served by roller skating waitresses against a background of fifties records. Planet Hollywood is also good and the Steakhouse is excellent, although a little pricey. They've also got the only Steinway grand piano in Disney. A new, giant McDonald's has just been opened with the uisual McDonald's trim and price structures. The recently opened Rainforest Cafe is interesting, but expensive, and the food is not exactly gourmet. In fact, a better - and far cheaper meal - can be had at McDonald's.


Inside the park, Chalet au de Marionette is excellent for the kids (and almost deserted at 3.00pm) as is the Cowboy Cookout (which tends to be rather crowded). Our favourite is Colonel Hathi's Pizza Place which is worth a visit just to see the authentic colonial gear! Videopolis offers good food plus a show but the queuing is often long. The Lucky Nugget Saloon sometimes offers a breakfast opportunity to meet the characters and, at other times, a show with your fodder. One point; food in France is generally better than the Florida Park although fast food is not something Disney excel at, which is surprising, considering how well they do everything else. The children's Fun meals are by far the best value and will feed most people happily. One less than enchanting eatery, however, is Toad Hall, situated between Peter Pan and the Fantasyland Railway Station. Generally, avoid the ubiquitous food carts that feature so prominently in both parks. Their range is very limited - and expensive - and better eating can be had at any of the cafes.

For full service restaurants in the park itself you will pay a premium but the experience of eating in the Blue Lagoon is one you will remember. You eat on the 'shore' of a Caribbean Pirate hideaway whilst the boats from Pirates of the Caribbean glide silently past you, full of drooling guests. Walts, on Main Street, is also a good but pricey restaurant offering American fare and, if you're lucky, they will sit you so that you can watch the afternoon Main Street parade from an upstairs window in comfort. Finally, the most expensive - and some say the best - food can be had at the Auberges de Cendrillon at Cinderella's place near the castle.

A full list of our ratings for the Parks and Disney Village restaurants can be found here

Food 'n Fun packages

These are now being sold by Disney as inclusive packages. They're expensive and, to get full value, you would have to be a foodaholic! Our advice is to buy a 'Classic' package which includes only a continental breakfast.

The Hotel restaurants are somewhat variable and rather expensive. We tend to eat in the places mentioned and, as time in the park is at a premium, fast food serves well enough during the day, anyway.

TIP: the petrol station at the Santa Fe hotel sells a range of sweets and soft drinks at prices well below the park's.

For a unique site dedicated to eating in DLP try www.dlpfoodguide.com