The campsite at the Davy Crocket Ranch is about three miles from the park. The log cabins are very good, and designed to appear secluded. Tent camping, however, is very expensive - some £40 per night - and so people should assess carefully what they get for their money. This price includes all electrical hook-ups, and dedicated water and drainage connections which is excellent for caravans, good for motor homes, but barely an advantage at all for tents. For conventional campers this works out rather pricey- maybe three times more than tent costs at a standard campsite. Those in motor homes and caravans will find these costs maybe only twice as dear, since their hook-ups are all included in the price. Obviously some great facilities are included, in particular the swimming pool - strongly recommended. And there are the other advantages eg Disney characters, and the generally high standards in the facilities. However, for a relatively small additional sum you can stay in a cabin rather than your own tent. we could not recommend this site for those using tents. A further significant reason for saying this is the area on which one is expected to pitch the tent. This is too small and preceded by the large area of tarmac, clearly designed with motor homes in mind.

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