Cowboy Cookout



Cost: ££

Location: Far end of Frontierland

Our rating: Huge capacity but often crowded as it sits between a theatre and two of the most popular rides in the park, Indiana Jones and Big Thunder. Petting farm is just around the back and the station is just a walk away.

Looking distinctly ramshackle and about to fall down, this 1890s barn like structure houses Frontierland's biggest eatery. So long as you don't mind barbecue sauce flavour with just about everything, this place has an interesting interior, an even better exterior and is just the place to while away an hour whilst awaiting the show at the popular 'Chaparral theatre' just to the left. Its biggest attraction - in the winter - used to be the open log fire, merrily crackling away around which were huddled frozen guests, desperately hoping for a change in the midwinter sub-zero temperatures. The fire has now gone, however, and thus the eatery has become just a little less enticing.


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