Chalet de Marionette


Ambience: +

Cost: ££

Location: Opp Peter Pan in Fantasyland

Our rating: Large cafe selling chicken and chips as well as the usual burgers and kids bits. Busy at lunchtime but almost deserted by 3.00pm (parade time). Absolutely outstanding decor and theming.

This charming and deceptively spacious eatery lies between Peter Pan and Snow White in Fantasyland. However, for some reason - possibly because it caters to so many younger children who like to eat at about lunchtime - by 3.00pm this place is almost deserted. Not only do they serve the best chicken and chips in the entire park but you can spend literally hours examining the cafe's interior. At one end it is Austrian and Alps in a Disneyesque sort of way; at the other, it imperceptibly transforms into a Pirate hideaway. This really is a splendid piece of design and, as a cafe, is highly recommended.


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