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the Disneyland Hotel Bridge
Here you can see the 'bridge' between the wing and the central body of the Disneyland Hotel. Character spotting is a major pastime here and, as can be seen, the cast members are quite happy to make everyone's day.
Characters are on their way to and from the Character Breakfast - a feature of the Hotel - and they change around every thirty minutes. They are not always accompanied by Disney 'minders' so it's important to keep a close eye on young children.
However, without exception, the cast members play their parts to perfection . One thing to remember, however, is that the cast member inside the costume has very limited visibility and can frequently not see very young and very small children. For that reason, you will notice that they stand very still when especially young children are around but it is still a good idea to ensure little ones approach them from the front and not the side.