When to ride: 1230pm or last hour the park is open

Loading speed; slowish

Rating: a little like driving a bad tempered, impossible-to-steer lawn mower that's stuck in a rut...

This noisy, smelly and most un-Disney like ride enjoys a huge following amongst the pre-teenage fraternity. Youngsters (see above) are allowed to 'drive' the vehicle providing an adult accompanies. Since the vehicle is held to a central metal rail, you have no choice over the direction in which it goes but the steering - clearly designed by the makers of supermarket shopping trolleys - simply throws the thing sharply to one side or the other. This neck wrenching experience, combined with the nauseating smell of badly adjusted 2 stroke, un-silenced engines and the delightful seating position, obviously fashioned by an expert in aircraft economy class seating arrangements makes you feel less than enamoured at having to wait the hour or more the queue can extend. For the past year, Disney have been opening the ride at 12.30pm so ride it first - if you feel you have to ride it at all - or last thing. The same sort of ride can be found in many other theme parks and fairgrounds so it doesn't hurt to give this one a miss.

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