Annette's Diner



Cost: ££

Location: Disney Village

Our rating: Super place to eat but very busy between 12.30 - 3.00pm at weekends.

Modeled (very loosely!) on a stateside small town diner of the 50s, this delightful place serves burger, chicken and chips at a good price to the accompaniment of 50s records for us ancient ones whilst the kids marvel that their food is brought to their table by roller-skating waitresses and waiters. Inside, it's as 50s as you could imagine and the originality and decor alone will amuse you as you eat. You sit in padded bench seats facing each other (so romantic!) and - as in New York - there's a lot of shouting at the chef. Incidentally, the cast members are encouraged to behave in an 'off beat' way so the kids are positively guaranteed an interesting meal!


Tip: since the recent makeover, Annette's has introduced a take-away service where you can order outside at a little window then sit down whilst you await your meal being brought to you.

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